Sunday, March 25, 2007

I'd like to offer up proof

Proof that there has actually been knitting going on here despite all the turmoil. It was rather comforting to knit I'm sure you can imagine. Here's the totally done pink bolero.

And this is the blue unknown gender baby sweater totally done. I am suposed to be at the shower right now gifting it to her but while I was sewing on the buttons, all dolled up to go and having just got back from purchasing said buttons, I started to feel ill. I then proceeded to do the technicolor yawn. Having such high regards for the mother to be and all the other guests I called my mom to ask her to appologize for me but I've seemed to have gotten the flu. Or it's the antibiotics I'm on again.... but whatever, I was throwing up for awile.

My button holes are so wonky. Someday I will get better at knitting those bands. And decided to leave off with a nice photo of Albert. My oldest took this photo and I think it kind of displays his wilder side, which is his normal side, so perhaps a photo of him sleeping would actually be a tad more appropriate to show off..... Babbling today. Have a good week, I'm off to start my Socks That Rock now that deadline knitting is done. Oh sh*t. I really probably should study a bit for a chemistry test I have tomorrow, but I'm going bomb it anyway so maybe I should just... no, study first, socks second. Peace dudes!

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Friday, March 23, 2007

You all rock my world!

I so love you all. The support and love you've shown is making it so much better. Here's the beef: My DH cheated on me. It wasn't an affair and it wasn't with one of my friends so there wasn't an emotional component in the acts. We have been together for 21 years and I still love him but it's going to be a rocky road because I'm hurt as badly as my love is deep. We've already got the counseling ball rolling and I'm very optimistic that we can get through this. The acts themselves don't bother me as much as the deceit and lies that went along with them and the lack of guilt the first time that he went and did it a second time. My emotions cycle, I shake and feel sick or I'm numb or I'm mad. The anger is the easiest to deal with. Anyway, I just wanted to let you all know what's going on and that I'm willing to give it an honest try to make it work. So come what may, I will be able to say I tried. I have to have that blue sweater done tomorrow night and hopefully I will make it. Soon there will be photos again. Peace.


Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I'm still here

I got a phone call last night to see if I was alright. I am, I just have been uber busy and still knitting on the blue unknown gender baby sweater. I got the back done and 1 1/2 fronts done. That leaves the sleeves, button bands, and collar...well of course sewing it together and the shower is this Sunday. I don't have photos yet and I'm not sure when I will be back to do another post. I have been playing on myspace and you are welcome to check it out but last night after my "checking on you" phone call (love ya Nancy!) my world pretty much fell apart. I was told something that has left me hurt, betrayed, disappointed, and this morning numb. I need some time to see exactly what my feelings are on it and where this is going to lead us. So until then, patience my lovely knitting buddies, I'm not going anywhere. Peace.

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Thursday, March 08, 2007

hi all

I got home from work 30 minutes ago and just realized I have chem homework to do. Of course I've just had a margarita that is totally kicking my butt, which I didn't expect it to be this strong at all, so this will be a quick post, again. I bought another knitting book today, Knitting Nature and it's really kind of neat, 'specialy since I understand some of it LOL! Just wanted to pop in and say that I am halfway done with the back of the 'unknown baby' blue sweater and I'll post a photo later when I'm done with it and that I got a new book to distract me from my school work.

OH! And speaking of school, I got my letter today stating that I was excepted into the College of Education (COE) and now can take my teaching classes!!!! The last hurdle before the actual student teaching (3 semesters from now) and the tests to get my certificate. YEAH!!!! I'm THAT much closer now! Happy moments abound around here! Lets just underline it with the weather people saying it's going to be in the FIFTIES here! Yes, you read that correctly! FIFTIES!!!!!!! Bring on the spring! Now I'm off to see if I can do chem while slightly intoxicated. Peace Peeps!

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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

quickly part 2

Look, photos! These are the fingerless gloves I made shown on a very handsome model.

The newest pink baby bolero, one arm/side seam to stitch and a cute little button and it will be done!
Ain't it pretty?
The other baby sweater started for the "unknown" baby. I love this blue, it reminds me of blueberries. I had a dress that had this blue in it when I was a kid and it's a good blue for a boy also. Just depends on what you put under it eh? I have until March 24th to get this one done! Wish me luck because......
I need to refrain from starting my socks that rock! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this color way! It's so perfect for socks and just oozes a feeling of outdoors to me. Come on spring!
Well, that's what I've been wanting to show you for a while now. I'm off to get the baby girl from school and take her to my mom's so I can go to Chem Lab. Did I mention I hate Tuesdays? I did? Well, I still do. Peace!

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I got my STR package yesterday and the yarn is, well I can think of all kinds of adjectives, but I want to keep this quick. It's a "don't squeeze the Charmin" kind of yarn, you just just can't help it! LOL

I hate Tuesdays and I can't wait for this semester to be over! Later gators!

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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Grrrr darn camera!

I still have so much to show you all and I can't yet. Grrrrrr, grrrrr, grrrrrr. *foot stomp* *pout*

Ok, enough of that. Last night we went out on the town in Ann Arbor with Meg and Russ and had a most wonderful of times! Meg let me fondle her STR yarn and check out the pattern that I will hopefully receive tomorrow. We went to an irish pub and ate and drank lots and then went to see Pan's Labyrinth. I have to say I was rather surprised at the gore and violence and disappointed that there was less fantasy than I expected but it was a really good movie and the subtitles didn't distract me from the film at all. But I'm serious when I say it's graphic gore violence. I'd go see it again. We then went and got coffee and the boys talked while Meg and I knit and it was the perfect ending to a great night. We are so lucky to have another couple that are such good friends and that we enjoy spending time with.

I am off to try and work on my prelab again. Went to the college and got the first of 6 questions correct and couldn't get past the second. *sigh* I really don't like chemistry so much. Wish me luck because if I don't get this prelab correct I don't go to lab on Tuesday and that does SERIOUS damage to your grade. I hope I will be able to get the pink bolero done tonight also, but we shall see. Peace!!!

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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Yeah and damn

Okay, STILL no socks that rock for me but Meg got hers so I'm still hopeful mine will show up Monday or Tuesday. I also haven't heard from the College of Education about whether my application has been accepted or not...well, if I have been accepted or not. That was the damn part. Now the Yeah!

I got my soap order from Woodsprite Soaps and OMG the smells! I got the new Amber Earth gift set which is my favorite by far! The Amber smells like cinnaminy vanilla. It's a super warm scent and is just so feminine. I also ordered a bar of Jacki's new Sacred line in Zen along with the masage oil that matches. Tasty, tasty, tasty and I also got a bar of the Bliss from the same line. The Bliss smells just like Constant Comment tea from Bigelow teas and is unbelievable! It's a spicey orange smell. So at least Jacki is helping me feel better about not getting my STR kit.

Oh! And because I know you all are sweethearts and are worried about my health I did get a letter from my doctor. I do not understand half of what is on this list of notes but I can figure out that I DO NOT have mono (yeah) and I DO have strep and have suffered all week with it but I can now go fill my prescription. My blood count was normal, my liver was normal, my salts were normal and my thyroid was normal. Ok, what in the hell is IgA? and ESR? and IgG? and CRP? and IgM? LOL the IgG was high and the ESR was 30 but the rest was normal. Ok nurses, enlighten me.

My X-ray of my right hand did show that I have arthritis, but I'll get a report from the arthritis doctor about that and his findings. Oh, and no evidence that there is a immune deficiency thank every higher power that was ever conceived. I could have dealt with it but I prefer not to ya know? ROFL

I'll be on Amoxil for a couple of weeks and feeling fine in a couple of days. Send quick to arrive vibes to my STR box K? I may jump out of my skin yet, except it's going to smell too damn good to leave heee heee heee. Peace knittsters!

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Friday, March 02, 2007


Mail: bill, bill, bill, no notification about my application to the College Of Education and no Socks that Rock. I did get a notice from the township that our house value went up $10,400. If we were going to sell it that'd be good news but since we're not it just means our house payment will go up yet again. *sigh*.

Trying to get some chemistry done today so I'm fighting to keep away from that baby bolero which is really close to being done. Too many things that need to be done all at the same time. LOL and I'd not have it any other way because I hate being bored!

I also am waiting for the doctors office to call me back. We're playing phone tag, grrrrr. I supose it's nothing life threatening or I'd have heard from them eh? And if it's nothing does that mean I'm even more psycho than I thought? Can a person really know how psycho they are? Or is that a perception thing? I mean, to some I may seem really psycho in their eyes and others may think I'm the most normal person around.

hummmm, I think I need to go back to my chemistry because I'm trying to distract myself with strange thoughts. Boy am I good at procrastinating! See ya later gators! Peace.

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Thursday, March 01, 2007


that's how I feel right now. I haven't heard from the doctor's yet so I figure I don't have mono (thankfully) but yet I've got this terrible sore throat that didn't come up as strep on the office culture. How long does it take to get the results of the real culture? I probably should call them today.

Despite that I feel like crap I'm going to go spend it with Meg this morning and find out why she didn't tell me she had joined the Socks that Rock club! Meg?!? LOL This is going to be great because now I have my best friend to talk to about it! Of course she'll get all the socks done in a timely fashion and me? I'll have the last four kits hanging around for years to come. Ok, over exageration I know but she really knits much faster than I. Boy am I looking forward to our coffee this morning.

Still haven't figured out the camera issues yet because I've really not tried. I have been working on the baby bolero like a mad woman and am really close to being done with it. It makes me feel really guilty too. I should be reading my textbooks and getting caught up on them plus trying to practice parts of chemistry (equations). I know I'm going to regret this later but I just don't want to do anything but knit right now.

Looks like we've got some freezing rain going on right now. I hope that the driving this morning won't be too terrible. Yesterday I got a call from my daughters teacher while I was having my hair cut saying she and another kid ran into each other and she got a bloody nose. A bad one too from the look of her clothes. Poor thing. The kid she ran into was her "boyfriend" at school, who doesn't like to wear his snow boots because Miranda doesn't like them. Karl, being a rather clever man, asked if this was their first 'kiss'. I always thought her first bloody nose would come from her brothers and not from school. *sigh* that reminds me I need to put a new change of clothes in her backpack....

And speaking of clothes! Karl, Miranda and I went to Lane Bryant last night and bought me a whole bunch of (extremely needed) new clothes! I was at the point where I was embarrassed to even go to school in the shit I own. So I'm well decked out for a while. I do need to buy some capris for summer, or some rather long shorts, because my legs are not what they used to be! Holy sheep shit, mufugly is the only thing I can say about them after trying on the one pair of shorts I could find in the store last night. I got a really nice top and skirt to wear to this. Karl won tickets to it and a lady at work has a full time job at a motel and got us their jacuzzi room for super cheap that night. It's going to be a good night!!! March 16th, can harly wait!

Well I'm off to get the rest of the chicklets up and ready for school so I can go knit and chat a bit with Meg. Peace.