Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Here we go, hope you're ready!

First we're going to start with the mug shots of three little bandits that used my camera with out asking. Undeniable proof that these three broke the "law" and got busted. Oh what a hoot to find these photos, especially the one of DS #3. LOL What a ham.

The second cat photo is not Albert getting frisky with a paper towel roll but of Albert totally attacking it like it was made of catnip or something. Was that a riot watching him because he looked possessed and there wasn't much left of the roll after he calmed down. And last but not least my SocakapalOOOza socks, well, sock, is making great progress. I'm halfway to the toe and I think it just might work for my Pal. But of course we all know that everyone needs more than one set of Addi's right LOL? I may go out and buy #2's and make a slightly smaller sock for my Pal. I need to find a foot to try it on. Mine are too big. But the yarn (Online cotton) is just so dreamy! Oh my do I love cotton sock yarn in a major way. And I'm really pleased with the way the design is turning out. The one photo is from the side, the other is the top front and shows how the pattern is repeated only once on the top. It will be arrows pointing to the toes.

Ok, now, on to personal stuff so if you want to stop here that's fine with me. I have had such a week that I'm still giggling about it. First I got hit on at school by a guy that is at least a decade younger than me and he was so disappointed that I was married that it was cute. Me! I'm still surprised lol. Then I got asked twice this week when I'm due. Ok, like I'm fat, it's in my stomach, don't say anything unless the person tells you they are pregnant got it? Good golly. THEN lol, after that I got carded when I bought that mango margarita stuff. Again, HELLO? I'm 36 and there ain't no way in hell that I look younger than 21. Of course she said it's because I look younger than 30 and you know I took that and ran right? Under 30! Boy oh boy. Ups and downs because I'll finish this post with my mammogram I had today. I have a spot that has changed so I told my GYN about it and she sent me in for it because it's been a year since my last one. The change happened during the year. Well I go and get myself squished and they put my back in the waiting room while they have the doctor check it out to see if an ultrasound is needed. I sat there and sat there and I knit on my pretty sock (the one above there, which is even closer to the toe than the photo shows) and it was NOT helping me relax. I sat there for 30 minutes! Do you know what an over active imagination can do in 30 minutes surrounded by all kinds of nasty diagrams and displays? Yep, and when the tech came back she asked me to step out in to the hall. I'm like shit, here it comes. LOL She looks me in the eye and tells me everything is ok and to go home, they'll send the report to my doctor. Yeah again! At least this time I didn't need a biopsy. So I'll keep an eye on it anyway but as it stands now I'm okey dokey. So check your sisters and get them photographed! It's worth it. *stepping off soap box now*

Was that personal enough for ya LOL? Now you know why I haven't gotten much done this weekend. The kids go back to school tomorrow, I'm going to do my homework and then I'll have four days of cleaning and knitting and reading. Oh, and work too LOL, but who wants to think of that? Have a good one! Knit On!

Saturday, February 25, 2006

A quick update.

I have had a rather busy week and hardly got any knitting done. My mom moved in and there was a lot going on at school. So I will hopefully have some sort of a knitting update by the end of this weekend. I am on spring break (har har, funny that...spring) and hope to get a bit of knitting progress done! I started the heel on the sock pal sock so I can get at least one done to see if it will work. If not I'll be contacting Kirsti to borrow a book she offered LOL. All the knitting olympic knitting is unbelievable and I'm so impressed with everyone. What a great job you all are doing! The Sock Pal pattern is from "Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles" and is the Alpine Peak pattern. I'd do a full update right now but I'm well into my second Mango Margarita. Lets just leave it at that. I'm off for the next two days so I'm looking forward to knitting and I have so much to talk about but no brain capacity right at the moment. See you in a day or two! Knit On!

Friday, February 17, 2006


Kahlua Vanilla White Russian......can we say YUMMY??? I got off of work an hour early tonight and figured I'd sit down here and drink one, now two, and alas there is only one more so at least I'd stop at three. I found my wayward black/purple sock in the bedroom. I guess I thought I'd actually get some knittin done on it there? *snort* yeah right. It relaxes me so much I tend to get quite drousy and I'm afraid I'd fall asleep and a bunch of stitches would decide it was time to leave the party and run. And you were thinking something different weren't you? LOL

I have to be at work at 3 tomorrow and my mom is moving in also, so I doubt I will have any knitting updates to share. This will be a bit strange for a while but hopefully we will all adjust to it. Anyway, I'm thinking of knitting, I wish I WAS knitting but I'm tipsy and tired and I'm afraid of what might happen if I DO knit. I'm really enjoying seeing what everyone is knitting for the Olympics. You all deserve a gold medal just for joining up in my book! Knit On!

By the way, you have GOT to check this out, it's a riot! Thanks for pointing the way Domestic Princess Holly! Flying Spaghetti Monster

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Yes Suz, I'm still here. *grin*

I've just been pretty darn busy but I have been knitting! This first two photos are the sockapalOOOza sock I've started though I'm starting to think that this pattern is turning out a sock that is a bit large for my pal. I may have to make this set for me (hear me crying? lol) and find another pattern that would better suit my pal. I do have another ball of this yarn so it's going to be just as pretty! This is Online sock yarn, cotton, and nicely silky.
I've started my sweater with that yummy King Tut cotton. It's so nice that I will forgive it's urge to split on me. Of course there is an upclose and a not too good farther away shot for you to feast on. The other sock is the Sockotta yarn that is for DS #2. I have also made progress on my black/purple sock for DS #3 but can not locate it at the present moment. Kind of makes me a bit nervous, it's like not being able to find one of my kids.
The Sockotta yarn is a dream to knit with, just a total dream and so is the Online cotton. I LOVE COTTON! Oh my! I just heard a whole lot of sheep sigh! But was it a sigh of relief or a sigh of disappointment? *snicker* I do like to make sheep bald after all. I may not be around much in the next few days. I have Physics tomorrow morning, homework for that, my mom is moving in on Saturday and I'm working all weekend.
Albert got his snip and his clip surgeries on Tuesday (happy valentines eh?) and is now a declawed sterile cat. Already he's calmed down some and he is a lot less stinky. I love my two cats! I do, I do! Peace.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Can you keep a secret?

NEW SOCK YARN! LOL Don't tell my darling husband ok? He might not be too keen on that after the last stash inhancement. Happy Face went to school with me because the drivers were so idiotic this morning there were traffic jams the whole way. I had a quiz in physics and didn't want to miss it. She did beautifully and then we met Meg for lunch. Meg showed much more personal control than I in Knit Around Yarn Shop.

The Sockotta is for DS #2. I think he might like these colors better. The green Cascade Yarn is for me. And this is the whole purchase with a few Kisses thrown in compliments of Ms Happy Face. I've made some progress on socks but not nearly as much as I'd have liked to this week. So, a bit of eye candy for you. I think I'm going to go measure my bust so I can see if my pattern for the sweater is "fluffy" enough for me. Have a great Friday!

Monday, February 06, 2006



And I have to say that my blog is appropriately dressed for the occasion and I'm really giddy about FINALLY having the best reason to make that special little thing I've been waiting to make. And to have a totally awesome reason to drive Meg nuts by hinting at it and not telling her like I did with her DNA scarf.


I'm so excited! What a nice message to hear when I got home from school today.

Oh and Meg (inch-by inch)? (Yes that would be a different Meg.) The wine made the Physics easier, I didn't say it made it correct LOL. I think I messed up on only one of the three equations though, so it'll be ok.

Wooo Hoooooo, a girl! A GIRL! I have so much work to do in the next few months that I'm almost overwhelmed! I'm off to bed, this has made me tired after working my brain all day. LOL A girl..... *sigh* *grin*

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Are you ready for some Football

yarn buying photos LOL? This is what I want to make, I believe it's from Interweave but I tore it out of the magazine a long time ago. I bought some King Tut cotton for it and will have to do a swatch because the yarn stitch count is five off from what I needed but it was the closest I could come. I got the pretty baby girl pink that is my DH's favorite color on me (I figured he wouldn't be quite as upset about the money I spent that way {I was correct lol]. I also bought some more sock yarn, some for me and some for my mom.
I'm going to try and get her into knitting socks again. LOL I'm so mean. But I figure since she's moving in soon and will be here for probably close to a year I might as well have a sock partner right? The pattern that is shown with the sock yarn is from Fiber Trends and is a ladybug hat, purse and bag. Miranda got so excited over it I had to get it. I will buy cheap yarn for that because with her age and all I won't be quite as upset if it gets lost or ruined that way. Sensible eh? We got the bedroom painted once but it will need a second coat. I got my homework done with the help of three
glasses of wine and I've seen some commercials that I have really laughed out loud at. If you have been watching, the one that has struck me as the funniest is the magic refrigerator one from Bud Light. I have no idea when I will actually be able to start this sweater so don't hold your breath, k? I have three pairs of socks to do first. DS #2's sock was WAY too tight so once again Happy Face gets another set of socks. Like she needs that. LOL Have a great Monday tomorrow, think of me knitting at school. *grin*

Saturday, February 04, 2006

This is my 200th post! Wowza

LOL Anyway, DS #2 has strep throat and is on antibiotics. I've done nothing in knitting since Wednesday, we're trying to get the bedroom painted this weekend so my mom can start moving her stuff here, and I made it home safely despite this beautiful snow. I have major Physics homework to do tomorrow that is due Monday morning so I need to get thumping on that WHILE we paint that bedroom. PLUS? The Superbowl and all it's wonderful commercials is on tomorrow, my favorite place Ewe-nique Yarns is actually going to be open on a Sunday and have a 20% off sale. I'm off to look through my patterns because I want to buy nice yarn to make MYSELF something. ME! ME! ME! ME!!!! If I buy something I will post photos tomorrow night. See ya then!

Friday, February 03, 2006

It seems all the knitting I do is "amazing" people

So here is a run down of my schedule at school so you can see why I can get so much done there. I go to class for a full day on Monday and Wednesday. Friday is only Physics in the morning. So: First is Physics from 9-11 am then my next class, Statistics is at 1 pm. That leaves me a 2 hour break. One hour for homework/reading and one hour for knitting. Statistics is from 1-3 and my next class (a psychology class) is at 6pm to 8. That's THREE hours folks. I can get a lot of knitting done in two hours I'll tell you. But there are days when I get out of Statistics a bit early and I can have a 4 hour break. So that's why MOST of my knitting is done at school. I do tend to do some at home during the weekends but not as much as I'd like. LOL So there, it's not really all that amazing, I'm just kid free for hours (and shhhhh, I really like being kid free too, hee hee hee, even if for a short time).

Oh, the sock yarn for the blue/black one is from that Knit Picks sampler box I ordered a couple of months ago. So it will look like the other socks I've made recently with the exception of the gray pair for my oldest son. Well, I need to get going. DS #2 looks like he has strep now and since I had it TWO times last month I'm taking him to the doc's so I don't get it a third time. Like I need THAT! Geesh!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

I'm such a heel....and a sock... and... and... and...

Doesn't the gray/blue sock look like an anarchy sign? I always think that when I'm "spinning" my sock to unwind the yarn. I also couldn't resist showing the happy face again with her favorite character behind her. If her hair was red she'd almost look exactly like her LOL. The shot out the back door was her photo. Not too darn bad for a tiny one. So I got the heel turned on DS #3's sock and got the first one done of DS #2's and the second one cast on and about two rounds done. Once I'm done with these socks I will start on my pals sock.
I have decided on Columbine Peak from Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles. It's a simple lace patten so shouldn't compete with the colors (I hope) and it'll be the first time I do something beyond basic in socks. Lets see if I can get these two socks done this by next weekend or I'm going to have to start the sockapaloooza "early" LOL.

OMG I almost forgot that Monday my best friend has her ultrasound and hopefully will find out what she's having. I so need to start either gender project now. Excitement! *grin*

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

And it starts! Sockapaloooza!

This so rocks, I LOVED participating the last time. The worry that they wouldn't like my socks, the relief when they did, and then getting beautiful socks from someone who was just as worried as I was. It was all good! I got a pal who doesn't have any preferences like me and I found some really nice cotton yarn that I'm really looking forward to knitting up. Now just to find a pattern.

And if you are like me, and checking this blog out because I'm your pal, then I want you to know that I will love the socks. No matter what. And I meant that anything goes! Get funky, stay neutral, keep it simple, do lace, I'm not picky and I am just thrilled to have a pair being made for me since I (check the archives LOL) knit so many for the other people in my life.

Ooooh I am so filled with anticipation! The only bummer is that we have to send them out on May 2nd. Right at the end of the semester. I'm kind of looking forward to the end of the semester and I'm also NOT looking forward to it. Bittersweet. I also won't be able to show the socks off to the other students who sit in the halls waiting for classes to start watching me knit. It's so funny how many people are facinated by the process.

Since my babbling is starting to get rather choppy I think I'm going to go to bed and TRY to sleep now. Sock on peeps!