Sunday, January 29, 2006


Happy New Years! For celebrating I took a photo of another silly face wearing a silly hat made by DS #3 in school. Isn't that hilarious? And on to sock updates, which are being over seen by yesterdays roaring dinosaur baby toy that I fell in love with. ROAR!

Nancy, my beloved computer literate friend helped me with the button. Seems I made it available only to myself. And as much as I love those little sock monkeys I really wanted to share their cuteness with you all.

I now have a Flickr account. She not only helps me with my computer stuff but she also is amazingly observant and writes some really neat stuff about it here. Thank you Nancy, I really appreciate it. And Suz? I still totally appreciate your help as well! So tomorrow is school and I hope to get that sock done... No, I had better start another one because I really hate doing toes at school. Ok, I'm starting a new sock tonight for school tomorrow. Have a good one!

Do you see the button?

Suz said she can't see it. It's yellow? It has funny sock monkeys on it? It's over to the right and says Sockapaloooza? Oh I do hope that it was a fluke in her computer and it's showing now. I really was rather giddy over it and hope that I can put more on here as my whims change.

I bought something at work last night and it's sitting on top of the computer screen right now. My DH looked at me like I had gone completely insane and asked, "why in the hell did you buy that?" My reply was, "it makes me laugh" and I drove a coworker nuts with it last night too! He then rolled his eyes but recovered a bit after I told him I only paid $1.50 for it.

It's an orange dinosaur from Blues Clues and when you press between it's front legs it roars. One track is a roar and then he asks if that was a good roar. Then he says "lets do a long roar" and roars again. The third track is "lets do a quiet roar" and this quiet really short roar follows. It's hilarious I tell you and no I have not had any alcohol in weeks. Maybe its due to the over load my brain is getting at school that a simple baby toy can make me giggle. Needless to say my darling daughter laughs at it just as much as I do. She's my girl!

Friday, January 27, 2006

OMG look what Suz showed me how to do!

And no, it's not how to knit socks LOL, the photo decided to come before the text. She told me how to do buttons in a way that I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND! YES YES YES YES! Thank you Suz, you're really not much of a scatteredgemini after all are you? hee hee

Hey, how do you like the progress on the sock? I so love doing them on circular needles! I'm going to finish this green band then do the heel. I still love my double pointed, especially the funky colored ones that flex, because the travel really well.

So, do you see the button that Suz told me how to do? SOCKAPALOOOZA! Thanks again Suz! I appreciate it so much. I love having so many computer smart people around me, I'm truly blessed.

Oh and a MeMe since I've been tagged by a couple different people LOL:
4 jobs you have had in your life:
=cashier, receptionist, cleaner, retail clerk
4 movies you could watch over & over
=LOTR, Harry Potter (all 3), King Arthur, MIB (1&2), The Mummy/Returns
4 places you have lived
=All Michigan: Plymouth, Canton, Westland, Brighton
4 TV shows you love to watch
=Lost, American Idol, and anything on The Science Channel
4 places you have been on vacation
=Quebec, Niagra Falls, Conn, Florida, and around Michigan
4 websites you visit daily
=See the side bar to the right there, see that list of links?
4 of your favorite foods
=corn pudding, mexican anything, thai, chocolate
4 places you would rather be right now
=Ireland, Key West, the bath tub, or collecting lottery winnings.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Look what I've done this week!

Remember that happy face yesterday? I got her socks done last night after school and they're a tad big but that's ok. She can wear them two ways: Up and Folded Down. I also started DS#2's socks as you can see. I'm quite amazed at how quickly they're going so maybe I can get that pair done and start DS#3's socks before I have to do my Sockapaloooza sock pal socks. I won't get her/his information until next week. So that's what I've been up to. Glad to see people peeping up! I've missed you all!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I've not been blogging but I HAVE been knitting!

In progress, a happy face that I couldn't resist sharing and finished product on the happy feet. He has worn them for two days now and looks like a third tomorrow. I'm so glad he likes them. Didn't the shading on that turn out rockin? I LOVE SOCKS! I love socks so much I joined the newest sock along over at Alison's Blue Blog; Sockapaloooza (3rd, see the three o's? clever) So classes are keeping me busy but I do manage to get knitting done between them! YEAH! See the happy face picture? I have turned the heel on her second sock and it will be done this week. Then I have to do two more pairs to finish the kids and then my sock pals socks. Have a great week!

Saturday, January 14, 2006

A day for playing.

We went to the U of M Museum of Natural History today with Meg (of the DNA scarf surprise) and her crew of 3 and a half. After having spent a good time there oohing and awing over the newly finished new mastadon skeleton we went to Briarwood Mall. We ate, I shopped, and the kids played in the play area while we (not Meg) drank coffee. Meg's looking fantastic and I CAN'T wait until the 6th and the 'big ultrasound' so I can start making their newest family member a gift. So that means in the next month I'm going to have a new surprise gift to post about and drive Meg nutso over. *evil laugh*

I have two things I'm really wanting to make, one for a boy and one for a girl, and the girl one will take me longer to make or I'd make both and just hold on to the other ya know? LOL Oh I'm so excited I want to rush out and buy yarn right this very minute... ok, tomorrow. I should find a book that has some of those really cute baby bootie patterns too. Okay, anyway, here's a photo of a playful Albert to symbolize the fun we had today. And we had fun, both Karl and I were talking about it on the way home. Having fun with M & R isn't what surprises us, what surprised us is how much we needed a day like today. Oh, and Karl got Song Dragon. I'm off to check that one out. Have a great weekend!

Friday, January 13, 2006

Wow, it's been almost a week!

Like, that hardly ever happens doesn't it? Ok, that's what I'm going to tell myself anyway so shush! The first week of school has been rather interesting to say the least. Lets see, M-W-F I have Conceptual Physics with a nice lady from India. It's hard for us to understand her and hard for her to understand us so already I'm feeling a "bit" uneasy about this whole experience, though I find I do tend to like what we're talking about. My Statistics teacher is halarious! OMG, he looks like my dad and his dad mixed together and my dad was a math teacher as well. It's almost spooky and I find myself feeling like I'm staring at the person my dad should have been. So anyway, so far so good with that class. Then my third class is Human Development and the teacher is also a riot! She's got this laugh that is unbelievable and loud and strong and well, I love that she can laugh like that, ya know? In the mean time I have done some knitting.

I got a third 4-row repeat done on the "cobweb" and have made progress on two second socks. I'd show you photos but seriously, you won't be able to tell that I made another repeat on the shawl and socks? Please, if you've never seen a partial sock photo before you need to hit the archives. So knitting is still going on but for how long? Great mother of pearl I have no idea.

Oh, now the bestest thing to happen this week besides the most awesome sale going on at work (50% off of 50% off) and the fact that I was able to borrow a TI-83 calculator from the college for the semester? I am now an official employee of Washtenaw Community College. I'm taking notes for someone in one of my classes that needs accommodations and I'm getting $2.40 MORE an hour than I get at Meijers. Hello? Pay me to share the notes I'm already taking for myself? HELL YEAH! So I'm really excited about that. Not only do I get to earn some extra money and get a nice sentence on my resume, I'm helping someone who needs help and that in and of itself is what makes it worth it. Getting paid for going to school just elevates the whole idea right up there with sliced bread!

That's how my week has gone. Now it's time to settle into a study, work, clean the friggin' house routine that keeps us clean, clothed, fed and relatively healthy with good grades for all. LOL

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Another fun quiz: What dragon are you?

I am an Amethyst Dragon!

Hey, I took the online Inner Dragon quiz and found out I am a Amethyst Dragon on the inside.

In the war between good and evil, a Amethyst Dragon tends to walk the fine line of Neutrality....When it comes to the powers of Chaos vs. those of Law and Order, your inner dragon walks a fine line between Law and Chaos....As far as magical tendancies, Magical spells come as natural to the Amethyst Dragon as breathe from it's body....During combat situations, whether by spells or by claw, your inner dragon will do whatever it takes to get the job done....

The Amethyst Dragon makes its home in the deep caverns of the earth, often in mountainous regions. They spend much time in hibernation as one of their favorite things to do is to sleep.'Formed from translucent amethyst, it is an awe inspiring sight to see one in it's true form. Light passes through the dragon's body creating a deep purple glow. It's scales will magnify the light rays into bright lavender beams to highlight this effect.'Amethyst dragons spend most of their time homebound but do occasionally feel the need to take a sojourn to a far destination. These dragons love books and will often pick their destination from one of the many stories and histories they may have read.

Amethyst dragons are very solitary in nature, but do keep a distant watch on the world around them. They tend to be highly intelligent, and often amuse themselves in human form by building gadgets and toys. Amethyst dragons are very learned creatures.'

This Dragons favorite elements are: Amethyst, Deep Places, and Magic

Friday, January 06, 2006

Fun stuff after a morning nap.

The Fairy Princess

You are youthful, cheery, and exuberant with a
sunny disposition and a mischievous sense of
humor. You are very lively and are always up
for a good bit of fun. You have a deep love of
nature and animals.

Role Model: Titania

You are most likely to: Convert a pumpkin into a
useful mode of transportation.

What Kind of Princess are You? - Beautiful Artwork (Original Music is BACK!!!)
brought to you by Quizilla

You are a Carnation:

You are friendly, energetic, cheerful, and bubbly.
You love being around people. Outgoing and
talkative, you rarely meet a stranger. Others
feel at ease around you because of your playful

Symbolism: In Victorian times carnations were given
to show fascination with another. They also
symbolize friendship and whimsicalness.

Which Flower are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Lifes not Black and White, it's many shades of Gray!

Does this yarn not have the most wicked cool shading going on? I am SOOO in love with this stuff! Regia Cotton Tip & Top Color. Whooo Yeah Baby! I think I'm going to have another boogie time band with the left overs of this one, yes I do. I even managed to get the black area on the heel I'm so clever LOL. The day before yesterday I also got two 4 row repeats done on my Charlotte's Easy Shawl (aka the cobweb) that is being made with the Kid Silk Haze. I wanted a break from socks see, yes go ahead and gasp, so I pulled that shawl out because it would be nice to have for summer and I was reminded why I don't like Kid Silk Haze all that much. I do not like knitting with fuzzy sewing thread Sam, even less than I like green eggs and ham. Ok, I don't like it quite that much but I guess there has to be two sides to every thing and I'm the flip side of what I read about this thread, I mean yarn. It's pretty, it's fuzzy, it's strong, but well... I just don't know. I feel strange being the only one I know to not like it but there it is. So now that the bus has gone by I'm going to go back to bed. Work wiped me out after being so sick.

Grateful for Yesterday?: CVS call in refills. My happy kat pills will be ready to pick up this weekend yeah!

Grateful this Morning?: Being able to go back to bed even though I feel bit guilty about it.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

I have to share this for all you cat lovers! My lovely Albert Einstein has found a favorite toy... pop bottle tops! He has this yellow one, a green one and a red one all over the house and he plays and plays with them. I've tried to get a photo of him carrying it around in his mouth like a dead mouse but he's too quick! The cat is such a hoot! Posted by Picasa

It's an X-rated sock orgy! Now that should bring out the spammers eh? I love socks!  Posted by Picasa

Here's the boogie band that's just waiting for a watch face. Too bad the green shirt is the top to my pajamas! I'm going to make more of these because I wore it for hours and it didn't bother me at all. Of course it also doesn't have the watch attached... Posted by Picasa

Here's my cutie pie with a poncho I made for her a while ago and never posted. She pulled it on yesterday and I'm like AH HA! It's double stranded worsted weight, garter stitch, two triangles stitched together poncho.  Posted by Picasa

Close up of that awesome Regia Cotton sock yarn. LOVE IT! I'm going to have to make "summer" sock with this stuff this spring.  Posted by Picasa

Here I am with my bright green needles and my oldests sock. Not looking to bad for no makeup and being sick for a week eh? Posted by Picasa Tooth whitening is in my near future too, gads.

What I'm grateful for today: My second son wanting to sit in my lap for two hours tonight. We never bonded that tightly when he was a baby. Better late than never.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Pretty in Pink indeed!

I'm very happy to report that 24 hours after being on Penicillin I'm feeling much much better. Not well yet, but dang! I had no idea I felt that bad, but when I can't even work on knitting a sock? *V-8 smack* Well, I did get the boogie time band done (now I need a watch face LOL) and I'm already knitting the heel on my oldests first sock. Miranda asked me to make her a boogie time band also... maybe I'll even find a watch face for her! Never hurts for her to start learning that early *hee hee hee*. I did take photos but haven't downloaded them to the puter yet and I don't have time right now. Tomorrow I will try and find some time to post some scandelous sock photos. Thanks for the well wishes and the thumbs up on the color, I did need something bright for Winter. Now I'm off to put my web ring tags back up. Peace.

Three things I'm grateful for:
1. My husband who did a great job taking care of me this weekend.
2. Penicillin
3. My kids, who also did a great job of behaving while I was sick.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Well, I changed the color

and it seems I have to figure out how to get all my other stuff on here again. Nothing like starting over from scratch eh? Now I'm asking myself why? Argh, well, I guess I can spend the next week putting links back up and such. Sugar for my lemonade: It's practice. Anyway, enjoy the brighter color.

New Year Fiber MeMe (from Teyla)

1. What new knitting techniques did you learn this year? How do make socks: gussets, heel turning, all those kind of sock things.

2. Which completed project from the last 12 months are you most proud of? I think I’ll have to go with the Double Helix scarf for the Megster.

3. What was your biggest knitting disaster of the last year? I didn’t have one thankfully, or at least one I remember LOL.

4. Who or what has been the biggest influence on your knitting in 2005? Mostly magazines and The Knitting Guild of America.

5. What knit craze grabbed you this year? Socks? Were they a craze this year? No? Humm….

6. Finally, some New Year's resolutions. I’m not sure what goals I want to set yet other than getting on the treadmill more and getting off sugar and caffeine.

7. Name the folks to pass this meme on to: No one specific though I’d like to see a few of you do this, hint, hint, hint, nudge.

Happy New Year!

I'm sick, very sick, terribly-take me out back and shoot me-sick. I've been so sick the last few days that I couldn't even bring myself to pick up my sock and work on it. My husband looked at me and said he knew I was really sick then when I didn't have the energy to knit a sock. I'm hoping I can get in to the doctors today before my tonsils close my throat up or my eardrums explode, which might have happened in one of them already. I did feel a bit better yesterday and now I'm almost done with the toe of the second sock of my mom's and that will be two pairs of socks done this break. LOL Of course I have about five more pairs to do, but hey, what kind of knitter would I be if I didn't have a list of to do's? I think a poor one at that. So if you don't hear from me again in the next few days it's becaues I'm trying to get better. Take care of yourselves.