Thursday, August 31, 2006

Like I have time for this....

But look at what I did this morning. Thanks Teyla, that was a lot of fun.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A little silly graffitti

My silleeeee kids. "Weeeeeeee the Kitee" is written on the door of my pantry. I've knit the two sleeves of the brown baby sweater and the left front. I've started the right front but no photos yet. I'm feeling a bit stressed with the start of school next week. It's a horrible feeling when you just sit and can feel the stress just tingling it's way through your body and it's really hard to relax, or go jello as I my mantra goes.

Okay, besides the start of the "winding" up of school do you ever have something happen to you that is well, I don't know, stupid, silly, childish, but brings you a small bit of total joy? Maybe I should have bold faced stupid for this one but it was something that I remembered happening as a kid that happened last night that made me feel good. Soap bubbles out of the dish soap. Yep, dish soap bubbles floating around me while I washed a couple of dishes. I used to love when that happened when I was a kid and found it just as nice now. Ok, maybe it's the stress that made it so neat but it was still cool.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

A quick post

This is just to say I've been really busy with school crap and work and will return to blogging in a day or two.

Holly, Sticky was abandoned and the girl who found him named him Sticky because his fur was so sticky from hiding in her garage. He cleaned up really well needless to say and now I think the way he kneads us when we pet him makes the name still relevant. He sticks us with his claws (OUCH!) LOL.

Monday, August 21, 2006

okay, somehow this photo didn't post. This is the back of the sweater. I cast on the sleeves so I could do something in just StSt. The pattern is Sirdar #1566.  Posted by Picasa

This is what I am making...well, just the sweater and MAYBE the hat... not sure. It's an unknown gender baby and so I'm trying to keep it rather neutral and I think the pattern is good for a boy or a girl. The pattern is really rather easy to follow and I'm enjoying it very much.  Posted by Picasa

An upclose view of the pattern. Posted by Picasa

Sticky the great and mighty hunter. He roams from one window to the next trying to get outside.  Posted by Picasa

Sunday, August 20, 2006


Sorry my fine peeps, but have to surprise you again with a color change. I just could not get the side bar to cooperate with the webring links. I LOVED the green, but the template sucked, *sigh*. I worked 8 busy hours today so I'm just pooped and have NO energy to post a photo of the new baby item I'm working on. I have the back done and can't WAIT to share it because it really shows that my knitting has progressed to a higher level again. Isn't it cool how challenging things can make you grow? Isn't it even better yet when you recognize it?

I did gift the baby bolero today at the baby shower. I even whipped up the hat for it last night! It went over well, not as well as I'd have liked but she's just so young. Someday she'll look back at it and appreciate it I hope. Now this new one will be appreciated very much, the mother is older and has more traditional values. Meg's TSP #2 pink baby bobble monster really stretched my abilities and it's thanks to that item and her TSP #1 DNA scarf that allows me knit this new baby sweater with hardly any worry at all. Meg, thank you for being the happy recipient of these items that have made me grow.

Tomorrow I hope to post a photo of it. Good night all. *zzzzzzzzzz.....

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

New color for a new school year!

I wish it was easier to change colors ya know, especially since I can get easily bored. I'm in a green mood still LOL. Knit on.


Ok, got the sock done for the Summer Sock Party, but have one thing to buy yet before I can send it. So until my Pal gets it you'll have to wait for photos. I cast on my next deadline knitting item....ANOTHER baby sweater for a shower on the 9th of September. I'll have photos in a day or two of that. But in the mean time? I have something fun for you to go do, check out this birthday calendar thing. It is really fascinating. I'm also having problems with three things now that I've changed colors. The two knit rings I'm on and my list of FO's makes the side bar go all the way down to the bottom of the page everytime I put them in my template. Any ideas as to how to fix this? I'm stumped LOL. Peace.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

This is the front of our freshly painted house with my mom's beautiful work on the garden. I'm so happy that the main painting is done. Now it's just the garage door, front door and the doors down in back. Yeah! Posted by Picasa

This is the last side that got painted, along with DH who was knocking out the old caulk along the chimney. Posted by Picasa

This is the side of the house and the front of the garage, or the street side of the garage. Posted by Picasa

This is the back of the house showing the pile of soon to be bonfire material from a bush that I wacked down to amost nothing. Blogger gave me fits again so sorry about the multipul posts. We'll resume our knitterly activity now. Peace.Posted by Picasa

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Painting and stinky shoes.

Now this is tag team painting isn't it LOL? It was almost dark by the time we gave up last night but boy, this is the LAST side! The last, last, last, lastidy last, last! I NEVER thought we'd have gotten the whole house painted. The over hangs needed scraping, priming and then paint so were the most labor intensive. The siding was the easiest, just a wash and a coat of paint. Our frog house is almost done. I'm so geeked, especially since we have 4 weeks until school starts. Now if I can only find the money I need to get my books and finish paying off my tuition.... *sigh*.
Now, can someone explain to me why Albert is trying to get into my DH's shoes? Does his nose not work or was he looking for what smelled so bad so he could bury it? Brave cat! I can't stand being in the same room when my DH kicks off the shoes after he gets home from work. I'm seriously worried about the mentality of this cat.....
...except that this look says it all doesn't it? ROFL, peace.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Holy Sheep Sh*t!

I'm mentioned and LINKED in the Harlots post about her Ann Arbor visit, it's right above the last photo, the one of Rams. I could just throw up and pass out right now. Seriously, me, a no-body in the extreme, mentioned and linked on Steph's blog! I'm sure that it's because she remembered Teyla (still so very cool that she did isn't it?). Ok, my life is complete now. Knit on!

Friday, August 04, 2006

Day of the Dead Knit along.....

These are the three dolls from Knit 1's summer '06 issue that I am going to make for the Day of the Dead KAL. I'm going to give them to my middle son who's 9th birthday is November 4th. I'm making them for him in my father's name. My dad was an ass, an alcoholic, verbally abusive and an all around shit while I was growing up. He went through rehab when I was 13 and took at least 15 years, a divorce from my mom, a remarriage and another daughter before he started acting like a normal father. I had a miscarriage November of '96 and had to wait one normal period after the D&C before I could try again. Right after that period my dad called and told me he was in the hospital with abdominal swelling and that they had just confirmed he had cancer. Well, he died two weeks later. Two weeks of pain and suffering physically but two weeks of talking and forgiving. He passed away while I was holding his hand. After, while they were unhooking him from the machines and such we were right out the door of the ICU room and I looked out the window. It was snowing big fluffy lazy flakes, the kind I knew he loved to go hunting in. I mentally told him that I forgave him and that I thought I might already be pregnant again. If you can imagine what it would feel like if a piece of mist could enter you then that's the sensation I felt in my lower stomach after I said that. I was pregnant, with my middle son, who has my dads bright blue eyes, temperment and is the only one of the six of us that likes peanut butter cookies, my dads favorite. Here's the catch though kids, I'm adopted, I have no biological connection with this man what-so-ever. How is it that I have a kid that's so much like him? I believe that he's reincarnated in my son and because I learned such compassion at the hand of his abuse that I can now love that soul like it wasn't the first time around. My dad also came from an alcholic abusive father. The cycle stops here. So in rememberance of my dad, who taught me strength and compassion (hard to believe I know, but true), for giving some of his soul to my son to love, I will make at least one of thise dolls for that son's birthday. And on to knitting that is being done now, I turned the heel of my summer sock party sock! I'm getting there I am! I have to work the next three days so hopefully I will finish the sock by the end of the week.
It's so pretty that I want to keep it for myself LOL. I hope my pal will overlook the small mistakes I seem to have made seeing as how she's quite the accomplished knitter. Ok, off to think about dinner and get ready for work. Knit on peeps!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

And here is the birthday boy with his Traditional Chinese Music CD. Yes, this is a specific request as was the book to learn Japenese calligraphy. He's such a neat kid. Posted by Picasa

The reason I've been a bit absent with the knitting. I got this book for my birthday and that's 12/26! I think it's time I finish the darn thing don't you? Posted by Picasa

Getting close to the end of one side of the Catherine the Great poncho. Posted by Picasa

The start of my Summer Sock Party Sock. Posted by Picasa

Seeing double of the black hole. Now I just need to get the strength up to do the two sleeves. I had to resort to using Hello/Picasa because Blogspot was giving me problems! So anyway, here's my knitting photos. Knit On Peeps!! Oh, and if anyone can please tell me what in the hell I did to make the side bar all big and bold by putting on the KAL button I'd REALLY appreciate it. My HTML coding is, um, less than basic eh? Thanks LOL.

Come on, you know you wanna too!

I joined my first KAL last night. It's the Day of the Dead KAL and you can check it out here. I'm going to make as many of the three Day of the Dead dolls I can by the end of it to give to my son for his birthday November 4th. And speaking of birthdays....

My oldest son is 11 today and starts middle school in 5 weeks and, and, and, .....someone pass me the smelling salts. He is such the coolest of kids, typical oldest child, brainy, geeky, and wierd.... just like his mommy *content sigh*. Okay, the kid is probaby smarter than me but we'll keep that quiet for a bit. I'm going to go take photos of my latest knitting and post in a bit. Be back soon. Peace.

More silliness from the wee early morning hours....

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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Oh, by the way, check this out

I want you to meet Tracey's Kiri shawl, it is one of the finest examples of lace knitting I have EVER seen! I hope that someday I will make something as gorgeous as this. Very, very nice eh? Thanks for lettting me take the photo Tracey.

And I've even tested ENFJ officially twice! Go figure

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