Saturday, September 30, 2006

pissed now

I had a whole whiny post about all I have to do this weekend and it got eaten. I'm pissed now. Ok, short and sweet. I have a test, an autobiography and a lab due on Monday. I may not be posting again until Tuesday but I seriously doubt it because what better way is there to procrastinate? All I want to do is knit. I may just lose half my hair by tomorrow wouldn't THAT be a photo? lol peace

Friday, September 29, 2006

I have a retarded cat I swear!

I have a cat that eats candy corn! I heard some rustling and went in to find him with his head shoved in the bag!
He did eat the one piece. I just had to see if he'd actually DO it and he did but only one piece because it can't be good for him either. Now he's back looking for more.
I did well on my test and I'm sure I passed it and I also printed off something I've been looking for and finally found so I can work on another thing due Monday. I also finished my calculator cover except for a button and weaving in the ends. I'll post that later. OH! OH! I heard the funniest put down today! "What are you going to do for a face when the baboon asks for his ass back?" Could you just imagine saying that to some jerk? ROFLMAO I love it. Ok, maybe it's not as funny as I think but sometimes simple things work for me. okay okay, nap time. Knit on and Peace.

To answer a question

Nancy, I'd wear the shirt anywhere I think I'd shock the crap out of someone. I love my Born to Knit bag because people read born to kill..... ROFL 'read it again' is my standard answer. Ok, off to my first history test. Goodness do I need a shot of brain cells that work today. Yikes!!!

Thursday, September 28, 2006


Bring on the freaks! Stash Enhancement eXpedition..... well, delivery LOL. I stopped at home yesterday between school and work and this was waiting for me! It's the pattern for the Pacific Northwest Shawl from Fiber Trends.
A close up of it for ya.
And I ordered this yarn in the Pecan color. I was thinking about trying to make the shawl in it because I want a cotton shawl, you know, kind of a '70s style. But the yarn is not lace weight LOL and it may just end up rather large if I make it in this.
I really like this color and I like cotton and I may have to find another pattern for it. It's not like I'm actually going to use this yarn anytime soon so there's no rush. How pathetic is it? I swear I have a list a mile long of projects that need finishing and I go and buy more yarn. I have tried very hard these last 3 years to not build up a large stash. I just don't want to have a large stash. *sigh* I am so in need of a this shirt. I also really like this one too. Ok, enough procrastinating, I need to study history for tomorrows test. Peace!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Feeling much better

A weekend of some heavy duty sleeping (ie drug induced) I'm feeling much more myself. Cough is still around but at least I feel like I can breath again. Someone said they had an oxygen high after taking their allergy medicine yesterday... ROFL that's exactly how I feel today, except I'm running on 4 hours of sleep. If I had a full 7-9 can you imagine how manic I'd be today? Boy, not even my medication would keep me down. I've got Ok Go playing really loudly and have cleaned up the living room in 20 minutes! I plan on getting some reading done this afternoon and cannot concentrate when the room I'm in looks, well, like the livingroom did 20 minutes ago. *grin*

So far in my school life I'm suckin' really badly. I hate it and I so want to quit and transfer somewhere else but that would be dumb. It's new and I just need to find my groove and I know this. I'm just not used to feeling like such a dumbass. So on that note, here's a website that I totally love,
Higher Awareness. I get their daily free email and it's pretty darn cool, if you are into self help/awareness stuff. 99% of the time it has something that strikes me and if nothing else it just makes me feel better.

I'm off to make use of the new paper towels and some windex and then reward myself with a bit of knitting before I have to go get my darling, I didn't hug my mom good bye, daughter from preschool. The little chicklet just said "bye mom" and walked away! I'm SOOOOO rejected! LOL, no, not really. I actually love that she loves it so much and it's a good start to her independence. Go Girl! It's your birthday! Whooot whooot! Ahhh I have got to go make use of this manic phase right now! See ya later gators!

Ooooh I just checked and had to share that I ordered something. It got shipped yesterday and as soon as it comes I will post about it! Who would have thought it was possible to be even MORE giddy? LOL

Saturday, September 23, 2006


Does that explain my absence? That and homework and reading and basically just feeling like I'm ready to drown. I now have a cough, not the kind that makes you pee your pants because your hacking so much, but a cough none the less. I've been finding it hard to get up in the morning and Thursday and Friday I had to drive my oldest to school because I couldn't get out of bed until 15 minutes after the bus came and went.

School seems to be settling in on everyone though. #1 is finding he likes middle school much more than elementary because he's not stuck in the same room with the same jerks all day. I'd like to see some friendships but hey, I'll take a little cheer where I can with that kid LOL. #2 has a teacher he really likes and I'm seeing a lot of 90% + coming home on papers with an occasional 65%. Damn kid is such a contrast in everything but that's what makes him so neat. #3 has the same teachers and #2 did last year but seems to be doing MUCH better with a dual taught classroom. He's such a character. #4, she's TOTALLY loving preschool! Oh joy! Oh happy happy joy joy! No tears, no clinging, sometimes barely a goodbye! I'm really am overjoyed with that because I'm just such a mushy hearted person that when my kids cry I cry and well, I have to leave her quickly because I need to get to school. So that's what's been going on.

My mom also has an interview with a co-op as soon as she gets her paperwork from Social Security and she may be moving out soon. Bittersweet that. I'd like to have my "privacy" back, but I also like having her here. She's been such a big help in many many ways. *sigh*

Knitting... that's what you REALLY wanted to hear about right? Well, I've started my Summer Sock Party sock and had planned not to make it match, but not only does it not match but it's going to be reversed in color sequence also. How cool is that?!? I love it! I've also started making a tube for, ok please, I know this is crazy and all, but I have all this sock yarn left over and well.... my calculator is going to have a pouch to live in. There, I've admitted it out in public. Does that fall in the catagory of pocket protectors??? I've also done a few rows on my DH's sock. So nothing exciting to show you yet, sorry. Keep knitting!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Talk like a pirate mateys or I'll slit your throats!

You Are A Pirate!
You Are A Pirate!

What Type Of Swashbuckler Are You?
brought to you by Maddog Varuka & Dawg Brown

Friday, September 15, 2006

Freaky History Teacher

God, I love the colors of this sock.... Ok, freaky history teacher is a silly little asian woman who I can tell would be an interesting friend and probably is extremely smart. She's also kind of a cliche because her clothes are a bit dirty and wrinkled and her hair is short and messy and she just seems like one of those professors who wear tweed jackets with leather elbow patches ya know? Anyway, I sat down in front because I knew with my hearing that I'd have a hard time understanding her and I swear on Wednesday she spent the majority of the 50 minutes standing in front of me, lecturing to me. Once in a while she'd go to the other side of the hall. So I told DH about it and he cleverly told me that I probably look like I needed lecturing to. Ha haa haa Punk. So today? Same damn thing and the guy sitting behind me even commented on how she talks right to me during the lecture. This isn't the first time a teacher/prof has done this to me, I just must have a face that says I'm interested in what they are saying, and well I AM, but boy, the other students in the class paid the same amount I did and I'd like to slack once in a while. Can't do that when you teacher is two feet in front of you LOL. I've managed to knit a bit between classes but not much, once I get a week under me with a full schedule I should be able to find some time here and there. I'd like to get the mate to the glorious colors up above made! Knit On!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Here's two better photos

An up close of the gorgeous necklace, that I will wear with the socks LOL. You know it! hee hee hee.
And a MUCH better photo of scarf details. Are you completely jealous of my good fortune yet? If you are then you seriously need to find a couple of friends named Meg like me! I must have been very nice to a Meg in a previous life ROFL. Thanks ladies, I really feel special and you both have such wonderful taste!

From Head to Toes!

The long awaited viewing of my TSP#1 from Meg to me! A yummy, yummy, purpley, fringy, soft and fuzzy scarf! Anyone recognize it? It's on the cover of a really cool book..... This scarf if so warm and cozy I wish I could wrap my whole body in it. Thank you Meg, its absolutely fantastic!

Some detail for you to feast your eyes on! Sorry that it's so dark, I was having real problems with the camera last night.

Details of the yummy yarn... mmmmmm Posted by Picasa

Looky! Looky what I found waiting in a happy stripey package when I got home last night! It's a cheerful, candy filled, Margarita cupped envelope with some REALLY NEAT STUFFFFFFFFFF! Nanner nanner boo boo! Posted by Picasa

Oooh look at the pretty colors! It fits perfectly, it's beautiful, I love Regia yarn in a major way, and well, the funkier the better so it meets all the criteria of the perfect sock! Posted by Picasa

A cute little tape measure, which I really needed by the way, because the one I use I've worn most of the numbers off from 1 to 15 cm LOL.  Posted by Picasa

Here's a peek at a necklace that came with it that Megan had a friend make for me. I feel so special! It's beautiful and I can't wait to wear it! Posted by Picasa

Summer Sock Party!!! This all was waiting for me when I got home last night! And I have to say I'm rather impressed with the color coordination Megan, THANK YOU SO MUCH! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Class or no class, that's today's question.

I'm sitting here at 6:41, having just booted my oldest towards the bus 20 minutes ago (that must mean he made it in time 'cause he ain't back yet) and I'm waiting to see if the strike suspension at EMU is going for another day. Or even a half day. If it's a half day I might actually get my FIRST history class, but I will still not go to Astronomy. If it holds for another day I get to go to all my classes and will have to find the computers at the library that I can type and print at. The button explains it really well right about now. *sigh* Off to the shower for me, class or no class I still have chicklets to take care of. Do some knitting for me K? It might be awhile before I can touch yarn again. Oh please someone put me out of my misery! There, dramatic moment out of the way for the day LOL. Peace!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I'm sick but at least I have

my latest music crush OkGo to keep me company in my misery. I found their CD at Borders. *sniff* Someone have a tissue? I swear I could just rip my nose off my face and gouge my eyes out they itch so much. Oh, and just in time for all my classes to start tomorrow (finally). *sigh* Well, I'll go find some cheese for my whine now. OkGo and get yourself some good music! Peace.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Do you remember where you were five years ago today? I do. With vivid details too. Sad to think that my mom has two or three of those moments in her life and I may also by the time I'm almost 70. I was 5 weeks pregnant with my daughter and going to my first OB appointment that morning. I remember hearing about the Pentagon on my way there. My heart still weeps for all those personally touched by that attrocity and at the same time is filled with such a powerful anger and hate. *sigh* Sad time, sad day, sad memory. Peace.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Just in the nick of time

I got the sweater done at 11 and the shower was at 12. Then I had to shower and go buy buttons. I was only 30 minutes late! Amazing how fast I can move when need be. I didn't get a photo of the finished sweater on my camera so I can't show it to you yet. I did get it on my mom's but we have yet to figure out how to down load photos off of hers so it may be awhile. Awhile, but you will see it eventually.

After I got home we cleaned. Oh boy did we clean. We washed and dried everyones sheets, did about 8 loads of laundry, went through my daughters clothes and gathered up another garbage bag of stuff that won't fit next year and cleaned all three bathrooms.... well, the half bath was hardly dirty, our bathroom was grungy, but a normal grungy you know? The boys downstairs??? HOLY SHEEP SH*T.

Friday I went and got my TB test and a tetnus shot and cleaning was just sooooo much fun. My shoulder is stiff and sore LOL. OH! Do you remember that nice little easy four prong poke they gave us for those TB tests? They don't do that anymore I guess, or at least my doc doesn't. They actually inject crap under you skin. One, the needle actually hurts, second, when they inject the stuff it HURTS (suck in a breath between clenched teeth and say OW kind of hurt). It hurt more than a bee sting in my opinion. Third, it leaves this little mark on you, not the kind that indicates a positive, it's more a bruise like you can get from having blood drawn. I'm so pooped and have to go to work at noon so I know I promised photos the other day but I just can't get to it right now. I will, you know it, just later. Astronomy homework is tonights agenda *sigh*. See ya all Tuesday, school and work tomorrow. Peace.

Friday, September 08, 2006

I have a new music crush.

Check them out here.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Fly by post

Just wanted to say I'm still here, professors are still on strike, chemistry is going to kick my ass, baby sweater is still not done and the shower is Saturday, I'm going to the doctor's tomorrow because I have to have a proof of a neg. TB test so I can do student teaching, figure I'll get a tetnus shot as well since it's been 25 years, and it's almost midnight and I have to be up at 5:45. This sucks rotten eggs through a twisty straw! Maybe Saturday I will have time to post about my fabulous, awesome, unbelievably gorgeous TSP#1 from Meg since I have the day off. Boy I can't wait to share that! Peace and Knit on!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Happy September 1st.

Put your left front in, put you left front out, put your left front in and knit it 'til it's done...... I have EIGHT DAYS to finish this and school starts in 4.
You know that sound that you hear when you get shocked by static electricity? That's the level of the stress now. Except now it's starting to switch from feeling icky to feeling motivating. This is the point where I can begin to actually get things done because, well, frankly I work better under a bit of pressure. I'm sure it's great for my heart though eh? Thankfully I have my knitting.