Monday, July 07, 2008

Project Spectrum

I know I've not really done much for this project, I'm such a slacker sometimes but I realized I have a few things in the last couple of posts that might just count towards the air segment of this. The moth of course is an air creature and the booty bag I knit for a gift? I took the photo of it in the air drying! So there ya go. LOL I was wondering what I would do for AIR: Gray, White, Yellow.

Lame ass post, sorry, just so focused on getting through life right now. Not that I'm busy, but there are other things going on that just eat up time. Anyway, hope you all are having one fine summer time! Peace.


Thursday, July 03, 2008

I had to share this moth photo. It was one HUGE moth that got into the house and this is it being freed outside. It was, I kid you not, about 3" long with a wingspan to match! It was freaky.

This is me, I colored my hair with straight purple but it doesn't show once again. Bummer.
And per Meg's request, I give you progress on the Basalt Tank. Working on the third hexagon and one more full one to do, then it's 5/6 and half hexagons to do. I doubt I will get it done this summer but it would look good over a tight long sleeve tee so I'll still wear it! :)
So, please pick yourself up off the floor and hopefully life won't get to fricken crazy that I won't go so long again without a post. Hope everyone is enjoying their summer, despite all the storms we keep getting. Peace!

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