Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Here we go, hope you're ready!

First we're going to start with the mug shots of three little bandits that used my camera with out asking. Undeniable proof that these three broke the "law" and got busted. Oh what a hoot to find these photos, especially the one of DS #3. LOL What a ham.

The second cat photo is not Albert getting frisky with a paper towel roll but of Albert totally attacking it like it was made of catnip or something. Was that a riot watching him because he looked possessed and there wasn't much left of the roll after he calmed down. And last but not least my SocakapalOOOza socks, well, sock, is making great progress. I'm halfway to the toe and I think it just might work for my Pal. But of course we all know that everyone needs more than one set of Addi's right LOL? I may go out and buy #2's and make a slightly smaller sock for my Pal. I need to find a foot to try it on. Mine are too big. But the yarn (Online cotton) is just so dreamy! Oh my do I love cotton sock yarn in a major way. And I'm really pleased with the way the design is turning out. The one photo is from the side, the other is the top front and shows how the pattern is repeated only once on the top. It will be arrows pointing to the toes.

Ok, now, on to personal stuff so if you want to stop here that's fine with me. I have had such a week that I'm still giggling about it. First I got hit on at school by a guy that is at least a decade younger than me and he was so disappointed that I was married that it was cute. Me! I'm still surprised lol. Then I got asked twice this week when I'm due. Ok, like I'm fat, it's in my stomach, don't say anything unless the person tells you they are pregnant got it? Good golly. THEN lol, after that I got carded when I bought that mango margarita stuff. Again, HELLO? I'm 36 and there ain't no way in hell that I look younger than 21. Of course she said it's because I look younger than 30 and you know I took that and ran right? Under 30! Boy oh boy. Ups and downs because I'll finish this post with my mammogram I had today. I have a spot that has changed so I told my GYN about it and she sent me in for it because it's been a year since my last one. The change happened during the year. Well I go and get myself squished and they put my back in the waiting room while they have the doctor check it out to see if an ultrasound is needed. I sat there and sat there and I knit on my pretty sock (the one above there, which is even closer to the toe than the photo shows) and it was NOT helping me relax. I sat there for 30 minutes! Do you know what an over active imagination can do in 30 minutes surrounded by all kinds of nasty diagrams and displays? Yep, and when the tech came back she asked me to step out in to the hall. I'm like shit, here it comes. LOL She looks me in the eye and tells me everything is ok and to go home, they'll send the report to my doctor. Yeah again! At least this time I didn't need a biopsy. So I'll keep an eye on it anyway but as it stands now I'm okey dokey. So check your sisters and get them photographed! It's worth it. *stepping off soap box now*

Was that personal enough for ya LOL? Now you know why I haven't gotten much done this weekend. The kids go back to school tomorrow, I'm going to do my homework and then I'll have four days of cleaning and knitting and reading. Oh, and work too LOL, but who wants to think of that? Have a good one! Knit On!


At 8:55 AM, Blogger Nancy said...

You got carded and I got asked if I was eligible for the senior discount! LOL

Your socks look great, but I don't know if I could knit while waiting for results.

Glad things turned out ok.


At 5:31 PM, Blogger GaiaGal said...

Whew! Glad the girls are ok!! I posted medical stuff too, so at least you're not the only one stressing over results, i'm in there with ya...but all is ok here too!!

Can't wait to see the finished socks!!


At 5:46 PM, Blogger Kirsti said...

Those socks are looking great! I'm proctastinating at scheduling a baseline mammogram for myself...

At 5:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My personal favorite: I've been carded when buying a lotto ticket. :-D Lol! The lady gave me a dirty look & said "you have to be eighteen" - I just stared, 'cause I was in my late 20's at the time. Showed i.d. and she said "oh, you're quite a bit older than 18" . . .yeah, yeah - but she couldn't take back what she'd just said, notwithstanding the dirty look!!
Glad things turned out ok with the squish. (wonder why they have to do it that way)
Oh, and my brother will probably be putting up spindles on ebay by Friday. I'll let you know.
-meg (inchby)


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