Tuesday, March 06, 2007

quickly part 2

Look, photos! These are the fingerless gloves I made shown on a very handsome model.

The newest pink baby bolero, one arm/side seam to stitch and a cute little button and it will be done!
Ain't it pretty?
The other baby sweater started for the "unknown" baby. I love this blue, it reminds me of blueberries. I had a dress that had this blue in it when I was a kid and it's a good blue for a boy also. Just depends on what you put under it eh? I have until March 24th to get this one done! Wish me luck because......
I need to refrain from starting my socks that rock! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this color way! It's so perfect for socks and just oozes a feeling of outdoors to me. Come on spring!
Well, that's what I've been wanting to show you for a while now. I'm off to get the baby girl from school and take her to my mom's so I can go to Chem Lab. Did I mention I hate Tuesdays? I did? Well, I still do. Peace!

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At 7:57 PM, Blogger GaiaGal said...

Ooooh! That STR yarn is awesome!! I'm so jealous! LOL!!

The bolero is completely adorable.

Hope that Chem Lab went well. Yuck!!


At 8:24 PM, Blogger Larjmarj said...

Wow you've been busy and studying too..yikes!

At 6:24 AM, Blogger Nancy said...

Hey what happened to knitting from your stash? Is that what you are doing? ;-)


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