Tuesday, February 27, 2007


I'm sorry I've not posted yet but my health has turned for the worse again. You know I can't have a vacation from school and be HEALTHY at the same time right? (#$@&!!!) I went and had those blood tests done for the arthritis doctor, remember that? I went on my birthday, you know, back in December? So this time my doctor added a few more to it and one of them was a mono test that they were suposed to get the results for today. I haven't heard from them so I'm sure I will tomorrow morning. He's also testing me for Autoimmune Disease since I seem to be rather prone to getting strep throat. It would certainly explain the aching finger joints and toes eh? Sigh, and I had photos to post but for some reason my camera won't download again and I just don't have the energy to figure it out right now. What are the photos of? I'll at least tell you that since I can't actually SHOW them to you. I made fingerless gloves out of some left over sock yarn. Now I'm working on another Baby Bolero in a pale pink and have a second baby sweater to make. I'm really hoping I can get them both done by the end of the week because my Socks That Rock should be here later this week and you know I'm going to have to start THOSE! Ok, I'm going to go slink off and curl up in a whimpering ball now. peace.

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At 2:09 PM, Blogger GaiaGal said...

Oh No!

Mono sux! I had Mono in 1998...well, i think it went a bit into 1999 as well. I ended up getting strep three different times during that time and i was like ready to kill myself! My partner at the time got it so bad she had to go to the ER and be put on IV antibiotics.

Ended up that i think i got it from the last boy i kissed...good thing i switched to girls! Hrmph!!


At 2:16 PM, Blogger Nancy said...

Sorry to hear that stuff sucks for you right now. But I know you and know that you will survive and prevail against all odds.

You are a feisty one.


At 5:59 PM, Anonymous meg said...

Aaaw, you poor thing. I'm sorry you're not well! I'm praying it'll pass soon.


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