Friday, March 23, 2007

You all rock my world!

I so love you all. The support and love you've shown is making it so much better. Here's the beef: My DH cheated on me. It wasn't an affair and it wasn't with one of my friends so there wasn't an emotional component in the acts. We have been together for 21 years and I still love him but it's going to be a rocky road because I'm hurt as badly as my love is deep. We've already got the counseling ball rolling and I'm very optimistic that we can get through this. The acts themselves don't bother me as much as the deceit and lies that went along with them and the lack of guilt the first time that he went and did it a second time. My emotions cycle, I shake and feel sick or I'm numb or I'm mad. The anger is the easiest to deal with. Anyway, I just wanted to let you all know what's going on and that I'm willing to give it an honest try to make it work. So come what may, I will be able to say I tried. I have to have that blue sweater done tomorrow night and hopefully I will make it. Soon there will be photos again. Peace.



At 5:36 PM, Blogger GaiaGal said...


{{{Hugs}}} to you. You're a better woman than i will ever be.

That's all i'm sayin'.


At 5:40 PM, Anonymous Beth said...

Ouch, that's a really crappy thing to have to go through. It sounds like you're willing to fight for it to work out, and sometimes that's enough. Good luck.

At 8:22 PM, Blogger Mary-Beth said...

Hugs and love!!!!

At 12:45 PM, Blogger Larjmarj said...

Hang in there, I can't imagine the emotional devastation that you must be going through right now. You'll get through it.


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