Saturday, June 09, 2007

butt beans and stars

Butt beans (garbanzo beans) and wine! Make me feel fine.... butt beans and wine, ooooh so fine!

I went to Holly's sons grad party and boy did I have a great time! I meet some wonderful new peeps, including the grad himself!

I came home and here I sit with a bowl full of a chicka peas (garbanzo beans, or as they are called in this house, butt beans) and a big glass of wine. heee heee heee I'm eating butts. My eyes are blood shot from being so damn tired, my oldest is over in Chicago and I seriously miss him, the post to this title is to express how damn happy I am I get to sleep in and I get real bacon and coffee in the morning! LOL hey, look how well I do run on sentences when I've over indulged!

I have do have to work tomorrow from 1-6 but then we're going over to Meg and Russ' and I'm going to do it all over again. Boy Monday is shaping up to be a rather rough day isn't it? LOL

OHH! Holy sheep shit! Sometime my horoscope freaks me the fuck out! Check this out! This was waiting in my inbox when I got home:

You have absolutely nothing to worry about right now -- so what's with the furrowed brow? Set all of your concerns aside today, because this cloud of good fortune you're floating on isn't about to disappear anytime soon! Just kick back, relax and know that your current plans will bring positive results. It's almost as if your life is on autopilot right now, so you can enjoy a few more social nights in the near future. This is a great time for parties.

Tell me that isn't a bit freaky! Okay, the butt beans are eaten and the wine half drunk so I'm off to post the same damn thing over at my other blog. Love ya'll

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At 2:28 PM, Blogger Larjmarj said...

Could you give me your location so that I am no where NEAR you when those butt beans and wine combo kicks in. ;-0


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