Sunday, August 19, 2007

I was looking....

through some older photos and condensing my Kodak files and came across this photo. The last one taken before I donated my hair. I was so sick at the time and looked so rough, but since it shows my hair at it's longest it's worth showing. Boy oh boy, no wonder I couldn't stand to have it long anymore!

And this? This photo cracks me up because I've got these teeny tiny little pigtails in the back and I feel silly and cute all at the same time. Not sure why I want to share this with you except I've been debating about growing my hair out a bit for winter. I'm thinking not now.
So this is just a random weird post for you. No knitting has gone on and I've hardly had a chance to study either which I'm quite pissed about but damn it, you know, sometimes I actually have a frickin' life! Too bad it seems to like to happen when I don't have time for it. Peace!

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At 12:40 AM, Blogger Scorpion said...

Hey sunshine!!!

The second picture with your hair short is so cute. It makes your eyes pop!! Hope things are going okay.

Miss ya


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