Saturday, June 10, 2006

the post and my kids

I had the two youngest scrambling for the mail today trying to tackle the mail lady but alas, no socks yet. ROFL it's so funny the way those two like to go out to the mailbox. I think I may have to pick up some postcards and send it to them so they actually get something in mail once in a while.

Anyway, this short post is to let my sock pal know that they haven't gotten here yet if you're wondering. Tomorrow I give Meg her TSP #2 so I will be able to post a photo! FINALLY! hee heee heeee.

We power washed 2/3 of our house today and tomorrow we will begin the scraping and start putting on the primer. My ugly orangey brick with white aluminum siding is going to be dill pickle green (army green kind of) by the end of the summer so help me! Ok, the white will be, but the brick? No painting brick! Nope, never, no way! I hate the orangey color but I hate painted brick more. I think I will like the orangey color more when the house is green. I will take photos and bore you all with that process over the next few weeks. This color, on monitor, is very close to what I will paint the house, well, maybe not quite this dark.

I've made great progress on the last sleeve of Miranda's bolero and have decided that the Charlotte's Easy Shawl done with the Kid Silk Haze will be the next project to complete since it's so very close. I want it finished! My motivation to go all Obsessive Compulsive? I want to get to knitting Lift and Seperate from Big Girl Knits that I showed a few weeks ago. I mean like really really badly! I'm going to bed now, I'm pooped from work. Peace!


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