Tuesday, May 09, 2006

My dear anonymous sock pal,

Pink for a happy update! My socks made it to their destination and I'm so relieved! It took a freakin' week! To go from Mich to Mass! Go figure. Anyway, they did and all is good. Nancy, the 3 B's are boobs, belly and butt. See my little button on the side proclaiming me a belly girl? Yep, I'm going to try and celebrate it while I try to get rid of it at the same time LOL.

Thank you for the email letting me know that the socks are taking their time at the spa (I don't blame them lol) and I'm sure that my mail lady is thanking you also. See, I've been standing anxiously by the mailbox waiting for your precious works of art every day this weekend LOL and I'm sure she thinks I ran out of my medicine and turned into a stalker. I have no problem with them being late because I'm SURE they're worth every moment of it! I feel like a kid on Christmas eve ya know? *giggle* It's so much fun! Anyway, I'll leave her alone for a few days then. Thank you for letting me know again!

Now I just worry about why my socks haven't made it to my sock gal and it's been a week today. I do hope she gets them soon before I get an ulcer over it, the darn things took me all semester to make good golly! I could make another pair, in less time than 17 weeks, but still, it will take weeks. *sigh*

I've made good progress in Meg's TSP #2, piece 2 and have gotten both the fronts done for Miranda's bolero. Now it's on to the sleeves for that one, the biggest parts of the whole thing LOL, seeming, edging and voila! Done! I even did 6 rows on my poncho while sitting in the sun. It's just plain garter stitch and I need that when I'm almost blind from the brightness. So many things on the needles and so many things waiting (eg: yarn getting dusty) and now a couple (7) more things in line to make. LOL Don't you just LOVE being a knitter? Life is never boring. Knit On Peeps!


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