Wednesday, April 26, 2006

half way half way

Ms Meg, of the Top Secret Project Meg, wrote me a most wonderful email after my last 'woe is me' post. Meg, I'm proud of you too and think the exact same thing about what you are accomplishing at school also. Your email meant so much to me and made me feel a whole lot better, it totally changed my attitude and I actually got manic happy today lol. I got my Statistics test done so now I don't have to go on Monday. It's just the Physics test Friday morning and I'm done, done, done! As the title to this post claims, I'm half way to being half way done LOL. I want to post a photo of the Gladiolus yarn that came but it seems someone who will remain nameless (karl) has misplaced the damn camera and I haven't seen it! Ok, it could have been one of the kids, fair enough. I have 1 1/2 patern repeats to do before I start the toe and the sock will be done done done too! I may even be able to get it sent off on Tuesday on time! Imagine that! Yeah! Because I have Meg's TSP to do then I need to start on finishing some of of the projects I have going... like my pink sweater, Garrett's soon to be too small sweater, my poncho, four or five second socks, the cobweb shawl, felted slippers, and gloves and hats and all things holidayish. Damn, it's a good thing I have a four month summer eh? Better get those needles clacking! KNIT ON!!!!


At 12:59 AM, Blogger GaiaGal said...

Yeah!! Half way is a good thing! Congrats on the Statistics test being done and good luck with the're one brave woman, i know nothing of book science!!



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