Thursday, April 06, 2006

Don't faint please but I did my holiday gift list.

If you faint then no one will be around to wake me up after I faint from it! I have to keep telling myself I have 8 months and a long summer coming up that will not have hours and hours of classes and homework. So that leaves hours and hours of KNITTING TIME!!!! One month left baby and I'm half way done with college!!!

Okay, back to the list. There are three things I need to get done on a time line, kind of.
  1. sockapaloooza sock
  2. Meg's Top Secret Project #2
  3. Son #1's sweater though if I don't hurry will be son #2's.
  4. Grape Shawl
  5. Cobweb Shawl
  6. Son #2 = 2nd sock
  7. Son #3 = 2nd sock
  8. DD = 2nd sock
  9. Socks for me in the green Cascade stretchy sock stuff
  10. Pink sweater for me.

Now for the Holiday gift list plus.

  1. Son #1 = gloves
  2. Son #2 = gloves
  3. Son #3 = gloves
  4. DD = mittens / felted animal
  5. DH = 1 pair of socks
  6. my Mom = 1 pair of socks
  7. Mil = 1 pair of socks
  8. Fil = 1 pair of socks or hot water bottle cover
  9. Niece #1 = gloves or socks
  10. Niece #2 = gloves or socks
  11. Nephew = mittens/hat or felted animal

I also have two projects for the future that are things that I seriously doubt I'd be able to get done in time for the holidays:

  1. DS #2 = Skull Sweater
  2. DH = Cable Sweater
  3. DS #3 = Some kind of a sweater

So is that enough to make you faint? Me too. Though socks and gloves through the summer? I can handle that. Okay, I think I'll head back to my 2nd Sockapaloooza sock so I can get on to making Meg's TSP #2. Happy Knitting!!!


At 4:15 PM, Blogger GaiaGal said...

Now that's a list! Hmmm, it doesn't leave much time for playing Sims, hrmph!! ;D


At 10:17 PM, Blogger Nancy said...

Which holiday?
Ye Gads! Spring just started!

It is great to see you have things all planned out!

Keep on Knitting..........

At 3:45 PM, Blogger Miss Tonia said...

You are so better than I am. I didn't even think about the knitted gifts for last year until Thanksgiving! I bow down to your enthusiasm.

At 7:08 PM, Blogger Teyla said...

Wanted to let you know about this!!
Your list is amazing. Talk to me in October and we will see how much you have done!!

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At 11:14 PM, Blogger Katherine said...

Yeah girls, we will see in October how far I've gotten, that's for sure. I need to be planned out because I start at the "big university" in the fall and have a feeling I'm going to be a bit over whelmed. And thanks Teyla, I've already seen where it was, but haven't gone in yet. I will though! LOL (((hugs)))


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