Friday, March 10, 2006

What a week I've had. (not much knitting in this one)

Does anyone do horoscopes because I must have been in some freaky retrograde Mercury running into Mars Moon alignment or something. It's been one extreme to the next in everything. I had my three midterms, Statistics and Psychology I'm sure I got A's on. The Physics? I'm going to celebrate if I passed it. This teacher is just not a good teacher for me. She's snotty, disrespectful, can't come down to our level and expects us to do WAY too much math. The way to much math part came from the Science Chair! Yes, it's so bad I talked to the Chairman. Next would be the Dean. I have to have a C in this class or I can't graduate and I'm seriously, seriously, seriously worried. ARGH! May I never be like this when I'm teaching.... LOL but that's impossible because I'm not like that at all now and I'm way more emotional and well, I'll remember.

On a good note, I stood up to a creepy guy at school after he touched me. Instead of saying sorry when I confronted him and told him to never touch me again he tried to turn it around on me! LOL yeah whatever psycho man.

I also realized that my totem/power animal is the Redtailed Hawk. I think I've always known that but now I'm sure of it. Ladybugs seem to be another that permeates my life as well. Two rather nice ones from the little research I've done. I also told my mom when she moved in with us that a few years ago I chose to follow an Earth based religion. LOL Here I was, so very worried about what she'd say or how she'd react and she said "is that all? I thought it was something big!" My reply is it is big to me. It's so freeing.

I'm so excited, two days of having nothing to do but knit, work, and do laundry. Oh and maybe read too. I'll post some photo updates later on. Like Sunday, for sockapaloooza update time. I also bought some yarn but alas, I can't post it because it's for a TSP and I don't want the person to see it. Have a great weekend and may you knot a lot of yarn!


At 4:02 PM, Blogger GaiaGal said...

Wow, cool about your Mom's response. My Mom keeps sending me "God" email and jokes, etc. I've started sending her all of my Pagan jokes and links to Pagan shops online...aren't i a snot??

Happy knitting this weekend. Way to go on the exams, i'm even glad they are over, i've missed you!!


At 11:12 PM, Blogger rachael said...

augh, i hate creepy guys. blech! glad you stood up to him, and i hope you don't see him around again!

At 12:32 AM, Blogger Mrs.Curvy said...

Don't you just hate when you have a snotty teacher. I had one before and couldn't stand her!

At 12:41 PM, Blogger Teyla said...

That is so very cool about your mom's response. Sometimes family members don't or won't understand that you may actually find spirituality outside of the mainstream religion. How weird about that guy ewwwwwww!! Yeah I had a chemistry teacher who was like that. I had to drop the class because of the non help she offered and took it with a different teacher and learn alot more. But Happy Belated Ostara!!!


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