Thursday, March 30, 2006

Boy oh boy

another week has gone by and I've not made a peep on the web. I've been doing stuff. I did buy yarn last friday on our "girls" yarn trip out. It was nice despite the fact that it wasn't just us girls. I HAD to buy this yarn because it had my name on it. Seriously. I will give the name of it tomorrow (I'm to dog tired from work tonight to trudge it down) but I do know it's from a series of colorways named after famous women. Can you guess what the name on my colorway is? Not spelled with a K but hey, it's close enough.... Catherine the Great. ROFL. That even shut my husband up! I've started to knit a poncho for myself with it. Grapes. Grapes are what the colorway reminds me of. I am also getting down to the last inch of the sockapalooza sock and hopefully will cast on for number two this weekend.

Today I sat out on the deck in a bathing suit top (and my pj bottoms LOL) and got a bit pink in the face. I was out there for a whole 45 minutes! Geesh. Was that weather just supreme? Could it please come again? ...and again? ...and again?

My physics midterm went so so, I got 71 out of a 100, so I passed but barely. I did do really well on the following quiz and lab. I'm hovering just inside the B range at this point.

Well, I think that's it for tonight. I seriously need to slink off to visit my pillow for a few hours. I have class in the morning but the rest of the day off so I will snap photos and feed you some eye candy. Knit on and peace.


At 5:42 PM, Blogger GaiaGal said...

We are getting slackerish in our blog and photo postings, aren't we? Both of us, that is. LOL!!

I love the colorway that you found for your poncho! Very nice.

It's 75ยบ here now. Mmmm, nice and warm and Springy, i'm loving it!

Hey, for a busy Mom, Wife, Knitter, Working Woman, etc. - you're doing really well with your studies, you should be proud of yourself!! I know i couldn't hack it.



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