Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Just a thinking

I've been checking out the Sockapaloooza progress and had to stop. Each time I check out what's been done or is in progress I start hoping it's for me. I can't bear the anticipation of it anymore. The stress from the end of the semester push and the excitement of the socks is almost more than I can take! I'm starting to wonder if I need to up my prozac dosage for a couple of weeks LOL. Just kidding. Seriously though, the socks that are being made so lovingly and carefully are amazing and I'm almost ready to bust at the seams to see what is being done for me. Which I'm sure this admission will tickle my sock pal to no end eh? Of course I'm also worried that my sock recipient will first, fit the socks, and two, like them. I think they're turning out stellar but I AM biased. Anyway, just was thinking a bit tonight while surfing around. I may be a bit absent this week as I start to study for my accumalitive Phsyics exam. Hang tough, knit lots, and peace!


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