Friday, April 28, 2006

Done! Done! Done! Done! Done!

I'm done, I'm alive and I've got my first college degree! I know, it's "just" an associates but when I was told all my life that I was worthless, I won't amount to anything and it's a good thing I married a guy who will take care of me, this is the first step, the hardest step, the one that starts the journey. I celebrated by going out and buying a skein of yarn and a pattern to make Miranda a Bolero. Yes, like I need ANOTHER project, but seeing as how the socks will be done tomorrow (and I did find the camera so expect photos sometime in the next 72 hours) and I just couldn't resist her teeny face all lit up with joy.... She picked out the pattern, the button and the yarn color. The girl has taste and I think I'm going to have a knitting partner soon. Hey, it's a bolero too, it's really not all that big LOL, even when she's 4. Meg's TSP #2 piece one is well underway and I might be able to finish it by the end of the weekend.


Dang I just can't imagine. I know it's true, I'm manic happy about it, but it doesn't seem real yet. And I'm a tad bit overwhelmed with the time I have looming up in front of me, the hours of knitting bliss and reading for pleasure. Someone get me the smelling salts because I need to finish this sock! knit on!

You know, part of it is the unfamiliararity of slipping into a new understanding of who I am. I slipped into parts of 'me' very easily, like becoming a mother. It was amazing, earth moving and divine but felt like an old glove for some reason. This new facet to myself is new, shiney and stiff but not uncomfortable and I can see it for the phase change that will eventually bring me to being, me the teacher. TEACHER! Me. My reality is so wonderfully disturbed right now, and I do mean wonderfully because what is doing the disturbing is a shifting of my soul to let more in. I'm feeling fabulous, grateful and so content. I did it. I actually did it. Dazed and amazed, I'm going to go finish that sock now, for sure. peace


At 12:25 AM, Blogger Emma said...

Congratulations! That's so amazing, and your enthusiasm and excitement is great. Good luck!

At 9:23 AM, Blogger Kristyn said...

Way to go! It is a great feeling - took me 9 years to get my degree. You are a success no matter what - remember that!

At 2:23 PM, Anonymous meg said...

Congratulations! Good work!

At 3:21 PM, Blogger rachael said...


At 10:41 AM, Blogger Heather said...

CONGRATULATIONS KAT! A degree is a huge accomplishment, and you should be so proud of yourself! I'm proud of you!


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