Thursday, May 04, 2006

Are you curious on how I did today?

Well, you're getting an update whether you like it or not LOL. I got the big bathroom done de doney done done! I got my closet done and I cleaned the half bath and the kitchen sink LOL. I had the "get the well water crud off anything" stuff out so I decided to do the kitchen sink before tucking it away in the broom closet.

Broom Closet.... I love the way that sounds. I have a broom closet, yes, it's in the broom closet... (no I didn't run out of my medicine).

Ok, then I tried to do some Pilates but seeing as my core is as squishy as a rotten apple on the side of the road it's going to take some work to be able to even DO it LOL, but I will do it. Arrrr determination mate.

Now it's 4 pm, I need to take a shower, start dinner and I'm suposed to go to Reproductive Health preview for parents meeting. I'm thinking I'm going to blow it off since I talk to my kids about stuff like that all the time and I got them that wonderful book What's Happening To My Body or something like that. I'd link to it but Amazon doesn't seem to recognize that title as the book I am thinking about. If I remember I'll ask my oldest what the title is.

Well anyway, first of four nights off and I'm geeked because by damn I'm going to get some knitting done (after we go for ice cream of course LOL). The camera is once again MIA so I hopefully will have some photos to entertain you tomorrow. Peace!


At 8:06 PM, Blogger Nancy said...

Can you come to my house? ;-)


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