Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Cider and Happiness

Damn, I like cider Especially the hard kind. Usually it's Woodchuck, but I had something at O'Callahans (or whatever that new place is there over at the mall with the three damn turn arounds) that was just tastey. It was like Woodchuck and beer mixed together. Jess and I had a good time. She ate, I had soup (I guess that counts as eating too) and we both had cider.

One thing I really like about Jess is how much she will laugh at my totally ditzy moments and sayings. I had so much fun with her getting the Harry Potter book Friday and now tonight, it almost makes the disappointment of the last few days seem dim because they're sandwiched between these two great nights.

Hell, between Meg, Diana, Holly and Jess I'm well covered in the friendship area. I have been so truly blessed and each one are so unique in their own right that I get a well rounded view of what life is like for others. Diversity. I really like that word, meaning, and concept.

My SIL may have once told me to not be so open minded that my brain falls out but you know what? I like being so opened minded because it lets the light in. I'm having a hippy moment. Love. Peace. Knit. LOL Seriously, it all boils down to love, in it's very many levels and shades. Love first and peace follows. (In my world, knit and find it faster!) Now I'm not so sure I want to post this but I'm going to step out of my box and do so. Take a moment and look at the moon. Peace.



At 7:53 AM, Blogger Mary-Beth said...

I'm glad you have great friends surrounding you! You deserve it!!!

At 4:41 PM, Blogger Scattered Gemini said...

I slept with the moon right outside of my tent window for three nights, the stars were dazzling and the weather was perfect. I even got to wear woolies on my feet to sleep in. Mmmm, yummy!


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