Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Sock and Needles

Here's my mom's sock done. I've cast on for the second sock already but I'm kind of worried about the length. I had my 8 year old son try it on and his feet are about the same size as hers. Yes, she wears a US size 6, small feet eh? They are a bit longer than the photo shows because it's kind of curled down at the toe area. Oh well, if they are too short I can always give them to Miranda right? Then try again for her. The needles are Comfort Zone Double Pointed Needles from Knitting On The Go. I also got bright neon green with the hot pink. LOVE them!

I'm also going to make boogietime from the winter issue of Knitty because, well, 1) I have a lot of sock yarn, 2) I am allergic to cheap metal and this will keep me from getting a rash and 3) I have a few watches laying around that I don't wear for reason #2. So that's what is up today. Oh, I went to Kohl's and bought some clothes with my gift card I received and no I didn't get that salad, though I plan on getting one sometime in the next two weeks!


At 8:34 AM, Anonymous Nancy said...

Cool needles. I can't wait to see your boogietime and what color you use for it.

At 9:34 AM, Blogger Kali said...

Love the needles. I've been eyeing boogie time as well, first I would have to wear a watch though ;)


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