Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Hey, I remembered I have a blog!!!

(Update: I got my FIL's socks done. Yeah! Another FYO for the list.) I didn't forget really. I've just been really busy with stuff though I have managed to get another band of color on the new sock. I spent my normal knitting time at school on Thursday sketching instead of knitting. I've really missed that and it felt good. I got the newest Enya CD, Amarantine and listened to it while I drew... ok, I've been listening to nothing else since I bought it. If you like Enya's other CD's then you're going to love this one! I have one more paper to write for school, due one week from tonight, two more tests, and one oral book report and then I'm done with this semester. I also read two books this weekend, the first and the second and they were really good! I was going to wait for my holiday break but I just couldn't wait! I think the book I will read this break is this. I just can't pass up a good fantasy book I swear, it's like a disease that creates a need that you just have to fullfill or you're going to tear your hair out (or someone elses hair if they get in your way!) LOL I love to be taken out of reality.

And I broke down and bought another ball of this yarn so I can finish the darn sock so it looks correct. Can you see the slight curve for the toe area? Yep, I'm getting there. And I really like Kirsti's idea of a pair of mittens. But then I do have a couple of little guys that I may be able to squeak a pair of socks out of the remaining part. Plus the new Knitty has this really great pattern for this, a knit watch band. I am allergic to cheap metal and can't wear cheap watches and can't afford sterling or gold so this would be a great way to use some of the watches I DO have laying around and we all KNOW that I will have some sock yarn left over right? Right. I'll try to not let so much time go by between posts but know that I have just two weeks left of school and then you may just get sick of me and my posts again. *grin* TTFN


At 10:14 PM, Anonymous Nancy said...

WTG on getting the socks for your FIL done.

Some how I knew that you would buy more yarn to finish that sock. ;-)


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