Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Thank you everyone, I was very scared.

(The view out our backdoor and a bit of the zoom feature.)

I slept SO well last night (12 hours to boot!) and I feel unbelievable today. I guess I didn't know I was quite so stressed out. So today I made a pot of coffee (the first in a week) and I have been bleaching the kitchen down and cleaning the dinning room in phases with breaks for lunch and sock knitting! Yes you read correctly! lol See.... Oh and do you see what Mother Nature is handing us today? I do love snow, it's the cold that comes with it. So here are a few more photos for my photo deprived blog. I'm about to go finish the kitchen and turn my heel. LOL That sounds silly doesn't it? Almost like I'm going dancing or planning on hurting myself. If you are in this lovely snow storm, please be careful out there. TTFN.


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