Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The Tale of a Furry Little Trickster

Once upon a time there was this little furry trickster who loved to play. His owner, trying to better her life, was going to college full time and went off to class leaving the little critter home....alone.
Well this furry little trickster got very bored because there wasn't anyone around to play with, the boys were in school, the girl was with his mistress and the master was at work. The older furry critter that also lived there was outside somewhere hunting or sulking or just being plain vacant. So the furry little trickster ran around the house trying to see what there was to play with and low and behold, hanging from the kitchen table was a beacon, the holy grail of furry trickster lives! There, hanging from the table was a piece of yarn! Oh glory, oh joy! The furry little trickster had something to play with and he had a delightful time.
He ran this way and that, around the chairs and across the hall and even decided that the tennis shoes in the front hall wanted to play with the yarn too! So around and around he went then brought the end back into the kitchen where it stopped. When his mistress got home the first thing she noticed was yarn all over the place and got worried that her furry little trickster unravelled the baby sweater she just finished the day before. She was so relieved that she laughed out loud when she saw that the yarn had come from the ball that she had left on the table just that morning. It's a really good thing that she had done so well on her test that morning or this might have made her mad. So she ran to the desk and grabbed the camera because this was just too classic of a kitty moment to not document. And the little furry trickster, he was pleased as punch with himself and and sat nicely for his mistress to get a good photo of him. The yarn he played with was fine and destined to become a baby hat and they both lived happily ever after. The End.

Ok, back to reality. Yes, Albert pulled out yards of yarn, it was so cute. I did well on the test, but the part I was worried about was a mineral ID test and I got 15/15! So awesome since I guessed on 3 of them. The post ate the photo of the baby sweater so I'm going to have to do another post after this one. Now I'm off to work on the baby sweater and watch some movie, maybe LOTR Return of the King. A good movie I don't have to watch while I listen & Knit. The red thing to the left of Albert is his cast, he seems to be healing quite well and they're going to do an X-ray Thursday to check it. Later gators!


At 3:12 PM, Anonymous Nancy said...

The sweater is adorable.
The Furry Little Trickster must be feeling much better to be having so much fun. While everyone is away, kitty must play!
I'm glad that Albert didn't play with the sweater. :-)

At 2:28 AM, Blogger GaiaGal said...

Ok, that's hilarious!! What a funny kid!!


At 9:19 AM, Blogger Kali said...

Too cute! Glad to hear it was a ball of yarn and not your sweater as well and congratulations on doing well on your test :)


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