Saturday, June 23, 2007

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Greatest Myspace Survey
About You...
Current LocationBrighton
Hair Colorpurplish red
Eye Colorgreenish blue
HeritageIrish, English, Danish, Swedish, French, Native American
Your fearsspiders
Your weaknessemotional boundaries
Goal for todayget through work
Goal for this yearget my GPA up
Lifetime goalbe true to myself
When do you want to get married?again? Never
and to whom?no one
Ever been in love?yes
Currently in love?no
Do you think you are attractive?yes
Your best physical featuresmile or eyes
Have you ever...
eaten Sushi...ewww no
gone skinny dipping...yes
been beaten up...kind of
wanted to kill someone...totally
gone a week without MySpace...yes
gone a week without TV...yes
Who's the last person to...
kiss kids
say hi to you...coworker
talk to you...Karl
What's the last...
Time you cried?today
Book you've read?Biology
Store you've been in?Meijers
Can you...
Speak a differenty language?LOL, a few words in three
Cook?if I have to
Write w/ both hands?if I have to
Whistle?sort of
Finish the line...
If I had a...banana I\'d blow up a shoe
I wouldlike to bowl with a giraffe
So I canlearn to eat bamboo with a lobster.

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