Monday, May 28, 2007

Always find ways to procrastinate....

This was an earring I had, I lost the mate to it and I thought it would look nice on my shrunken head. I really want a bone but the ring will have to do until I find one I like.
This is the one I made for my car. I also would like a ring or a bone in it's nose also. I don't even notice him anymore now that he's hanging there LOL. Still, it was a fun knit.
This is the lesson plan unit I'm procrastinating working on at the moment. I went and spent 3 hours at the family picnic at Bishop Lake today working at a totally seperate table set away from everyone and finally just could not stand the idea that I was having to write everything down and I'd still have to come back and type it up. Well, my oldest wanted to go swimming really bad so I had Karl drive me home and he gathered up bathing suits and here I sit, type a bit of what I have to, procrastinate a bit here, type a bit more... you get the idea. It's getting done. And of course my hair is boring me again so I was thinking about growing it long again... then I looked up this photo and well....
I like it short still. Maybe this next time I will be able to get the girl I like the most (you think I've ever heard of appointments? LOL) and have her put highlights in it or something. It's just a backlash from not feeling any stability in my life right now, or something along those lines.
Well, it's back to the old plate tectonics again. Have a happy Memorial Day peeps. Peace.

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At 5:09 PM, Blogger Scattered Gemini said...

LOL, Your shrunkin head looks right at home in the car. Too funny!


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