Monday, April 30, 2007

Sockapalooza 4....

I haven't gotten my pal yet, *pout*, and it seems that a lot of people have already. I'm ready to start the stalking and then the picking of yarn and pattern. I've been working on a TSP for my friend Jess and since I have no idea if she will find her way here I can't post a photo of it... well, maybe I can tease you all a bit with a corner. I've also picked up my Catherine the Great poncho and am now on to the front and the second ball of yarn. God I so love that yarn, and the name of course too, except it's spelled wrong ya know. *snort*

I'm totally enjoying my time off from school so far, despite the personal stress. One week from today and I get to start Biology I lecture/lab and a curriculum class. I have gotten all my grades except one: A in chem lab and a C- in the lecture (I will be repeating that one this fall because I have to have a C in it), a C+ in Historical Geology (wtf? how did that happen?) and an A in my Lifetime Fitness and Wellness class. I'm waiting for my World History grade. Oh, and get THIS! I can't sign up to retake the Chem Lecture class because I don't meet the pre-reqs! Yes, it seems that even if you take the class once you still have to get an override.... I so just love Eastern Michigan U (NOT). So that's what's been up lately.

The house is still a mess but I have done a couple of things. I also am on a mission to lose some weight. Figure my life isn't going to change itself with out a little effort on my part eh? Love ya all! Peace

Edit: I had to go request my Pals info. Done, went, stalked, and am very lucky to have a pal who has similiar tastes to me! She lives some where warm so will not get knee socks. I on the other hand, live in an area where wool is very welcomed come Thanksgiving and the brighter and wilder the better LOL. Sock yarn shopping tomorrow! YEAH!

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At 12:04 AM, Blogger Scattered Gemini said...

Ok. That prereq stuff is funky. What's up with that?
Bureaucracy bullcrap...blah, blah, blah! It all sux!

Happy SockYourPalLoozing! Sounds fun!


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