Monday, December 18, 2006

Bi-Polar day

Have you ever had someone do something that totally busts your bubble about them and it kind of makes you angry at the same time as your feeling disappointment? I try very hard to be nonjudgmental and I'm human and I may sound like I'm judging at times when I'm not. I also try to remember that the other person is human also and may take something I say as that way. Ok, fine, we're all human. But to go and whisper it to another when I'm still standing right there.... well, frankly that pisses me off. Ok, maybe I wasn't being judged but it sounded like it and it felt like it. I really hate when I'm judged and hence the reason why I try to not be. It's a sad thing when this happens so on to happier talk. I got my hair done Saturday back to that nice purplish black cherry color that doesn't last long enough or show up enough in photos LOL. Boy, I'm seeing my age and it's bothering me especially since my birthday is 8 days away.
We decided to play with the camera this morning before school. Max's chin has neosporin on it because I believe he's got impentigo from this latest round of sickness. Thankfully he usually is ok in a couple of days unless we've got the latest and greatest (resistance) bug.
And Grant with his gorgeous eyes and curly blond hair who looks like a little surfer dude but will probably be my goth. He's a neat kid with a good brain.
Then there is Mirand who got bonked in the face by her best friend at school with a block. See the little pink spot under her left eye? She went from being this cute little face to the next photo.
I asked her to model hat #2 and soon hat #3 will be done. There are 4 total, one for each girl in her class.... well, 4 including hers. So 2 1/2 done out of 4. There.
Tired and cranky girl. She did not want to model it...too much photo taking I think. Well I'm off to my next and last final! Astronomy here I come! Then I'm off school until January 8th. Though of course work sucks big fat rotten eggs and my Ho-Ho-Ho spirit has left the building thank you very much! Consumers suck, corporate dimwhits suck and retail sucks. Baaahhhh Humbug! (9pm christmas eve I will be back to loving presents and lights and such again but for now? bah humbug!)


At 5:40 PM, Blogger Mary-Beth said...

Love the colour but any colour would look good on you! And what age are you showing?? I hit the BIG one 2 days before you and talk about looking your age!

At 6:02 PM, Blogger Larjmarj said...

Age? I'm past the 4-0 staring at the big 5-0 in the distance. It's really all in your head anyway.
As for people.....I limit my contact, particularly outside of work. I have to deal with them on the job but when I'm not at work....I'm like a hermit.
Which is fine, they just interrupt my knitting anyway!

At 6:06 PM, Blogger Katherine said...

ROFL, you all will have to wait until the 26th to see what age I am. I wish I could limit my contact but unfortunately that just isn't possible LOL. Someday I will teach and then hide out in rock quarries and such. Not too many peeps there!

At 10:23 PM, Blogger GaiaGal said...

Oh, what a face in that "cranky girl" pic.

The pics are all fun. Your hair shows up really well in the first one i think!


At 12:08 PM, Anonymous meg said...

So cute! Beautiful faces, even the sleepy model. When's your Bday? Mine's soon, too. Wanna be 26 with me? Yeah, that's the ticket . . . we'll be 26. ;o)


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