Tuesday, October 03, 2006


I give you my calculator cozy that just needs a big button to hold it closed. See, it holds the booklet that came with it so hopefully I will never lose it. Not that I think the calculator is of such great quality that it will last a long time.

And here is the progress on my hubby's sock. The photo above is a little dark but I wanted to show the lines. It's the slouch sock from Not Just More Socks by Sandi Rosner. I'd like to get this sock done this week so next week when I go up to the UP with the geology class (again LOL) I can work on the second sock. I did the top part of the sock this summer on the way up and back from Marquette. I want to work on the second sock so I can call them the Marquette socks.
I think I did ok on my Astronomy test yesterday and I didn't get my History one back yet. I'm anxious to see how I did on that. I got my Chemistry homework done this morning that's due tomorrow and now all I have left is a whole lotta reading and the autobiography. But right now? I need a nap. Two nights of 4-5 hours of sleep is not a good thing. Holy flying spaghetti monster, I need to do laundry too! No, nap time now, I just don't have the energy to go down there and fight the mess. Have a terrific Tuesday! Peace.


At 3:44 PM, Blogger GaiaGal said...

Um, a whole load of laundry could have benn washing while you napped...ohhh do i need to map out a schedule?? ROFL!!!

Trust me, i'm NOT one to talk. ;) Just pickin' on ya.

Um, i so need to find that slouch sock pattern holding book, i'd like to try those...they're looking wonderful!


At 12:38 PM, Anonymous meg said...

Flying spaghetti monster - you crack me up!
Very cute & stylish tech cozy there. Socks are lookin' good, too. They look like Marquette socks to me!
Good job on everything (school incl)!

At 2:18 PM, Blogger Gracie said...

The cozy is adorable! My calculator never had anything that fasionable.


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