Monday, July 10, 2006

Oh my lovely commenters....

You're comments made me feel so much better. So here's what has happened since. Sticky still makes it outside after almost breaking the unlucky person who decided to go out the door, or in it usually. He lurks right by the door where you can't see him when you come in the house, zooooom out he goes between your legs. He has climbed every screen in the house and one of these times I will manage to get a photo of it. We are going to try and be nice and keep him in as much as possible and for the times that he does go out he's now wearing a very stylish red collar with reflective paw prints on it and a tiny bell that jingles. I'm thinking about adding another bell though. He's taken to the collar very well and we also got Albert one so he will stop sneaking up on Sticky (who's 9) and my mom's cat Precious (who's 14). I also decided that I will let him out during the day while bird brain is at work.

The neighbor has talked to me face to face in the past and I guess I gave her enough lip back she must be afraid of me or something. I'm really trying to look at it from her point of view and give her my pity instead of anger because well, it IS pathetic that her only friends are birds. She never goes anywhere after getting home from work and no one ever comes to visit. Sad isn't it? Yep. So, I will try to keep him in until later in the summer when the baby birds are gone. *sigh* I do hope this helps my karma balance because it's hard.

My test? I really have NO idea how I did. I'm pretty sure I won't have to go back and repeat a section but hey, this is my first time LOL. I have no idea and as soon as I do I will share.


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