Thursday, May 18, 2006

Ummm, happy mother's day...?

Look at the content kitty in the open window! LOL Albert has grown so much hasn't he? I so love this cat. Okay on to some teasing and Mother's Day gifts.
The pretty foam flowers are from Grant that he gave me at his Mother's Day Tea the Thursday before Mother's Day. Each kid wrote their mom a letter that was framed and presented to us after they read it out loud. Boy oh boy was I close to tears by the time he was done. Man I love that kid! The awesome tree bracelet came from my DH along with a cool tee shirt that says "Go Away.... I'm Knitting", with a cat in the middle playing with a ball of yarn. It's hanging up downstairs drying so no photo of it yet but I'll get one soon. It came from I got a 3X because I like my shirts long and it's HUGE! The 4X must be wonderfully big!
This pretty bracelet was made by Garrett and will be the last Mother's Day gift he makes me in school since he's heading for middle school next year. *sigh* I so love this kid. LOL Yes I love all my kids "so". Okay, the teaser??? What this wonderful "ancient Egypt" bracelet is lying on top of is a tiny fraction of Meg's TSP #2 part 2...which will NOT be done this weekend like I hoped because it has turned into one of the most difficult things I've ever made. Thankfully it's baby size! I've been making great progress on Miranda's bolero because it's just plain 'ole StSt and is a wonderful break from working a pattern. Boy am I going to be proud of this one when it's done, even if it's a tad messed up in spots. Okay, off to do some knitting since I've actually done some housework today. Peace!


At 12:17 PM, Anonymous meg said...

Oh, pretties! I love the sound of your t-shirt, very cute. Ever heard this one - "cats are just children in furry clothing"? lol I love my furry little girl, too :o)


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