Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The saga of my life continues.......

and boy have the last few weeks been rough. I know that life goes in cycles but the down swing of that wheel can be rough and feel like it's dragging you through water trying to drown you. Anyway, as you can see by the photos I finished my newest tattoo and added on to it a bit. Mr. Ed once again proved he's the master! On top of that I'm going back on the 16th to have another one put on my deltoid of my left arm, one that I designed myself and Mr. Ed is going to rework so it will, well, work LOL. I'm keeping that one a secret for now.
On the front I had Mr. Ed add one more curl. It just didn't seem to come down far enough before and now I'm happy. Not that I wasn't before LOL, but I'm even more so now. This time it feels like it's healing much better too. I can't wait to see how the colors develop after it's done peeling and softens up a bit.
I love walking around school with it peeping out of my neckline and watching peoples reactions to it when they walk by. I'm like yep, I am cooler than you! Speaking of school. God damn. I have three 300 level classes and one 400 level class and it's rough. The reading alone is enough to take up every waking moment of my day.

And then, on top of the stress from school I got sick last week. My youngest boy came home Monday and promptly feel asleep with that rosey faced, glassy eyed, vacant stare that kids get when you know they're really sick. Next day the doc tested him and he had the influenza. Well that same day, after my second class I was eating and I looked at my friend Adam and announced that I didn't feel well. One hour later I was high tailing it home (missed my third class) and woke up with a 103 temp. One that wasn't brought down by anything I took so I had the chills, runny nose and a terrible, terrible cough, which I still have.

I have slept in a chair for the last 6 nights, tonight I'm going to try and sleep in bed. I actually got some solid sleep last night and my body is crying out for more. So between school and illness I really haven't done any knitting other than the few rounds I reward myself with at school after studying on what I am calling the watermelon sock. It's knitpicks yarn and I'm just doing my own version of a short row toe up sock on US 1's. Isn't it sad that I can't even get one sock done a semester?
I have made the decision that I'm going to take the spring semester off, while the kids are still in school, so that I can take a few weeks for just myself. In small chunks while the kids are at school of course LOL, but still, I've been going to school for two years straight now and I NEED some time for me. I'm planning on taking two classes during the summer term.

So that's what's been up around my world lately. Karl and I are getting along really well, the kids are doing great despite the occasional sickness, and I miss you all very much. (((hugs)))

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At 11:28 AM, Blogger Miss Tonia said...

Love your tattoo! Makes me wanna runout and a few more for myself.

Hope you completely better soon. Make sure you get plenty more rest. And the sock looks great, btw.

At 7:42 PM, Blogger Larjmarj said...

Mr. Ed is amazing! I need to get in to seem him soon. Love it when people notice my visible parts. There are SO many people at my work with tats its unbelievable.

Sounds like you've got a little burnout going on. Chill relax and take some time for yourself and your sock ;-)

At 12:24 PM, Blogger Scattered Gemini said...


I think your ink is very cool!

What KP yarn is that?? I love how it's working up!!!


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