Monday, September 03, 2007

Such happy days!

I showed off my tattoo to more people today, even ones I was a little leery of showing because they're not tattoo kind of peeps, and you know what? They surprised me! I had to go check my chin to make sure it didn't get bruised from hitting the floor! First, the tattoo itself, then the subject of the tattoo, then how big it is, nothing I though would be an issue was. One lady I work with is rather religious and she really liked it and absolutely loved the colors of it. She then proceeded to tell me how she likes the colored ones much better than the black/white ones. I had another lady who is a great grandmother twice tell me about one she wants LOL.

I've told them all about the vine around my left shoulder and onto my chest that I want and they all like the idea too. I swear sometimes I just love the human race, or at least those that are within my little box of a world. I have decided it will be a vine and I have goals/intentions I have set for myself and each time I reach one of the goals or one of the intentions come to fruit I'm going to add to the vine. Most will be rose buds but one will be a butterfly. It would be great to have it soft and feminine, much like a watercolor picture if possible. Maybe not, we'll see since it's a ways off anyway.

Ok, since this really is supposed to be a knitting blog I'll say something about knitting. I ain't done any LOL. I worked 8 hours yesterday and 8 hours today and I'm am tired. Kids start school tomorrow and I have to work from 6-11 and then my classes start on Wednesday so I'm not sure if I will get any knitting done for the next two days at least.... hee hee but my priorities are a little out of whack and we know I will just because I said I wouldn't.

Mr. Ed? If you read this post too, you're still getting a tip because you totally deserve it, don't even waste your energy typing back a response to that, even if you do like my smile, and I AM still smiling. What do you think about the vine idea? Can it be done in a style that suggests an ink and watercolor painting? And will a Saturday for the checkup be ok? I can use it as an excuse to take the kids to the zoo again LOL.

Enough babbling for tonight. Need to finish my beer and head to bed. Not sure that's a great idea, I'm PMSing and I totally just ate some fried kielbasa along with the beer. I may have to crash in the chair for a few hours. Ahhh why did I just share that with you all? It's so pathetic... and what's even more pathetic? I'm going to post it anyway so you all get a taste of the inner workings of my mentally challenged brain. Peace Peeps!

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At 4:40 AM, Blogger Scattered Gemini said...

Ah, ya know...we all have our mental issues.

I love the vine idea.


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