Monday, September 03, 2007


OMG I'm such an ass. I got to work today and went to pull out some change for a crap snack in the vending machine and realized I had forgotten to tip Mr. Ed! I guess I was so relieved that the pain had stopped and wanted to get the hell out of there so there wouldn't be a possibility of more pain happening that it totally slipped my mind. I'll just have to make sure I give it to him in a couple of weeks when I go in for my "check up". I can not tell you what a flippin heel I feel like. Hours of work and concentration and I can't even remember to tip him. Can you tell I feel guilty? Yes I do. Sometimes I'm such a flake. Sorry Mr. Ed, you so totally deserve a tip and I'll make it up to you by giving it to you at the check up. (((hugs)))



At 6:41 PM, Anonymous Mr. Ed said...

Don't feel bad about it, I am happy that you are pleased with the work. Your smile is my reward.


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