Friday, May 04, 2007

My lurking Sock Pal.....

That was a great message from you! I totally think that it was an acceptable question myself. So here, I will try to limit your choices some....

I'm not a great fan of orange and yellow by themselves, but love those colors with a healthy dose of red/pinks! I also love blue/green/purple mixes also. Ok, who am I kidding, I love color! Sorry if this isn't going to help you any LOL but I seriously am super easy to please. I don't have a heel preference and I have many seasons in which any fiber would be appropriate. *sigh* Maybe it would be easier if I was picker but I'm just not. Just the fact that someone is making me a pair of socks is enough to make me as giddy as a 2 year old doped up on Halloween candy.

Ok, here's something! Superwash is a really good way to go because I barely have enough time to handwash myself let alone a pair of socks! I've never had a pair made out of fixation. I usually don't wear shoes that show the tops of my feet but do wear clogs/slides once in a while, but usually sneakers or hiking boots are on my feet. They're much easier to walk around campus with ya know?

Anyway, despite the lack of guidance you are getting from me please know that I'm VERY serious about how easily pleased I am, open to anything, and will love what you make no matter what. Seriously, you're making me socks, socks that I don't have to make myself... it's so cool.



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That's our Kat...she's just "easy". ;)


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