Friday, December 22, 2006

scattered thoughts

My camera won't download the photos off of it so no photos today. I'm going to have to figure out what the kids keep doing to it besides just uplugging the USB plug.

On the yarn front I'm still a happy hooker! I decided to try my hand at another hat in a different style because I have some of that pretty fruit salad yarn left over from the two hats for Holly. (I enjoyed our coffee visit today Holly and I'm really glad you liked the hats.) Of course you will see it when it's done. I am kind of wanting to wrap my hands around some long hard needles and get back to knitting. ROFL, has anyone else noticed how yarn crafts can have such sexual connotation to it? I think I will refrain from elaborating on it and instead let you all think about it yourselves. You know, phallic symbols, textures, stroking, squeezing, that kind of thing? Someone was right when they said "this ain't your grandmas knitting"!

I'm still sick and my voice is still screwed up. Karl says I sound like Marge Simpson. Last time it was Demi Moore so I guess he's not that keen on me at the moment LOL. Marge Simpson... geesh, he's an ass. I wish I had my voice because the kids need to pick this house up something bad... I wonder if the threat of Santa Claus not coming would still hold some power, at least with the younger three. Tonight I take my meds again, my brain is getting a little frantic with thoughts. I'd take them now but they make me dizzy after not taking them for a few days. On second thought, I should take them now since I have to work tonight and the next three days are the worst in the whole entire year. Peace.



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