Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Isn't it strange how a few hours can bring everything back into balance? The judgement thing from yesterday has been explained to me and though it hurt my feelings at the time it's totally justified. My stress is more than half gone now and work tonight was actually fun! We had 5 people... yes FIVE of us in our area. Ok, I don't know how you would react but I almost passed out when I walked in tonight and saw all of us there. We got stuff done and had a good close, the first in a couple of weeks. I also had a wonderful compliment from a guy at work too, he said he would date me in a heartbeat if I was single. This was perfect timing as there is now less than 7 days until my birthday and he's only 24, which I'm not, and well, I'm not.

I also got the last of the four hats done and have two more to do. I picked up the prettiest cotton yarn for them (Sugar 'n Cream still) in a colorway that reminds me of fruit salad LOL. Totally a girly color scheme and I even got three rounds (of 13) done of the first one before my lovely daughter crawled up in my lap and fell asleep which nipped yarn play in the bud. Of course, she being so warm and snuggly, put me to sleep as well and we had a nice two hour nap. Mine was interupted by the boys coming home and the phone ringing. I will get photos tomorrow and post of the last hat when my model is awake.

Oh, and Suz? My hand is the ONLY thing on my body that could even be remotely compared to Kate Moss LOL.... and that would be her waist!
Here's the downer for the day: I got a C in History. I'm telling you, I'm so not used to getting anything but A's and B's. This was a rough semester, I sure hope that the next one goes better.


At 11:59 AM, Blogger GaiaGal said...

Hey, there's a LOT of history to learn...i don't know how they expect anyone to get better than a C.

HEll, my forearm is thicker than Kate Moss's waist.

You're not 24??? I would have sworn you were...oh, ok, I'll quit sucking up now. LOL!! ;)



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