Monday, November 06, 2006

I've been accused of hiding!

As I sit here sore from work, PMS satisfied with some kettle cooked heart attack in a bag potato chips, and buzzed from one (yes ONE, I know there are a couple of you that would be really surprised by this) glass of wine I felt a need to defend myself! This weekend was packed full of really fun stuff! Lets start with Friday shall we? It was "let's pretend to clean the house up until mom is hoarse from yelling at us" day. But we did eventually get the upstairs clean but not without me losing my voice.

Friday my oldest did something that I laughed so hard at, but shouldn't have. It was a low point of my motherhood, but boy was it a good one for #1! I was in the middle of yelling at him to grab two more books on the table to take down with the ONE in his hand. He didn't stop so my mom yelled at him in such a way that brought up some terrible backflash for me. I then preceeded to tell him I was trying to keep him from going downstairs again but it didn't help. He was pissed as hell (rightfully so in my eyes) and on the verge of tears. Earlier in the day my mom made a smart ass comment about how she's allergic to the Axe that my dear son loves to put on. (hello, he's 11 and wants to smell good... lets not stop this)

Ok, well, he goes downstairs and comes back up and as he walks by my mom he sprays the Axe three long sprays. I was so shocked and my mom screamed his name. About 10 minutes later I was folding some clothes and my shock wore off and I busted out laughing, and I laughed, and I laughed, and I laughed some more. I told my mom WHY I was laughing too! It was such a teenager thing to do and something I would have done if I were him and it just tickled me! I'm still grinning like an idiot thinking about it. Anyway, rebellion of the oldest starts now.

Saturday was my middle boys 9th birthday. I made a cake that I haven't loaded photos of yet and I will post them when I do. He wanted a sea themed cake and I think I did pretty good. It was just us and my in laws. Sunday he had his best friend over and played for almost 5 hours. During all this? I read, and read, and read some more. I did chemistry homework (Lewis Theory structures Meg, if you want to know. I TOTALLY love them too!) I did my astronomy homework and got caught up on my history reading. I felt great today knowing that I was finally caught up!

Tomorrow I have to study for my chemistry exam on Wednesday and read some more history. I also have an astronomy test next Monday I should start preparing for also. Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I'm not hiding LOL, I've just been rather busy with school crap.

Oh, and I've been on antibiotics since Tuesday, I'm coughing now, which means the crap that was in my lungs is breaking up and I've been on an oxygen high for the last four days. I've had xrays of my lungs which came back good and one set of blood tests came back normal as well. Now I just have to wait for the other blood test to come back which, I'm afraid, will tell me I've got really high cholesterol. So more on that later.

Knitting? ROFL, you think I've been knitting? Well, actually I have. I put a 4 row repeat on my cobweb shawl this weekend and maybe 1/2 inch on my King Tut pink sweater. That's it, but it's something eh? Peace! Knit on.


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