Friday, July 22, 2005

Today, Friday, revisiting Thursday first.

Yesterday I started putting together the mitered square afgan. I should rename it lap blanket because it's going to be approximately crib size. Not it's intended use so please don't ask, four is enough for us. I decided I had to single crochet around each square before I sewed the squares together, still not as neat a look as I'd have liked but for a blanket that the kids will put to the test, who cares. I have two long rows together and four more to go. I HOPE I will be able to get it done today because I went to Ewe-nique yarns here in Brighton (my NEW LYS) and now I have inspiration! And bit too much if you ask me. Our car broke down Wednesday (thankfully it finally died when I got it in park in the driveway) and we ended up spending $165 on a new alternator and serpentine belt. Yes, I know what they are, but can I fix them? No.

We are leaving to go camping at Higgins Lake on Tuesday after our dentist appointment and will be gone until Sunday (31st). I haven't even though of it at all! I have to plan food, clothes, clean the trailer, and the most important of all! WHAT WILL I KNIT??? I managed to get SO much knitting done up there last year because I sat on the lake shore watching the kids. I may just take some sock yarn and my oldest son's sweart (the micro-spun) to make progress on that... NO, no no no no, I'm taking my best friends birthday gift! I have to have that done by the end of September! So Kirsti, if you don't mind me using your code, I'm going to rename it Top Secret Project for Meg.

Oh hell, I'm taking it all with me LOL. I'll post a photo later of the afgan if I get it done. Have a wonderful Friday!


At 1:55 AM, Blogger Mrs.Curvy said...

Camping at Higgins Lake is going to be fun I know for you! We love getting away and going up there to fish!


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