Friday, April 11, 2008

Finally, a post with knitting content!

The Yarn Harlot! She was beautiful, clever, and hilarious as always. Always a delight to get a chance to see and if you weren't there then, well, you seriously missed out! This is a terrible photo (Stephanie doesn't look horrible, my photo was) but you'll have to take into consideration that I was at the very back of the room and flashes only go so far.

But, this is a better one! Meg (Blogless No More), Stephanie, and I with my knitting tattoo! Maybe one of these years I can actually stand next to Stephanie in a photo lol.
I made some mad progress on my "school sock". Count down 4 red sections and that's what I got done while waiting. My nail polish matched too, pretty groovy eh? I call this my school sock because usually I only knit on it between classes.
I decided instead of doing regular ribbing I'd do a basket weave look and it's turning out pretty good. I wonder if it'll take me another two semesters to get the second one done. Lets hope not! I have at least 8 or 9 Socks that Rock kits to do an another one coming in a month or so. Stash! Gotta love it.
I do want to apologize for the lack of posting these last few months. School is kicking my hiney and my kids seem to decide that instead of all four of them getting sick at once they'd play tag. I've had one sick for one week for the last four weeks. Now, on top of all that I have a HUGE paper in my ecology class due Tuesday, a presentation for Monday in Glacial Geology, and a HUGE paper due in my social foundations class by the 22nd. Plus take home questions for my last test in ecology Thursday, four field trip write ups for geology, a poster presentation in biogeography, and two finals. Hello? Can someone shot me now? Holy sheep sh*t I'm feeling a bit crazy, overwhelmed, and panicky. Thankfully there's knitting to relax me (procrastinate with). Have a great weekend and if I don't emerge in 10 days come peel my face out of my text book K? :)

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At 7:30 PM, Blogger Larjmarj said...

I saw the Harlot last year she really is awesome. Looks like fun...I had fun today....zzzzz...wipe wipe...zzzzzzzz. LOL!!


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